Tuesday 10 September 2019

Zombie today

Thanks for the supportive comments about my sleep....or lack of.  One goodish night and then it's back to the norm - terrible last night, awake more than asleep and downstairs for a couple of hours.  

Betty's in the groomer's this morning, so we'll take the opportunity to go to Burnham whilst we're dogless, there's a good petshop there where we get some of her food and treats cheaper than the supermarket.  A walk in the fresh air will do me good, and there's a few charity shops to look round.  Think instead of breakfast here before we go, we might have a later brunch in the Wetherspoons there, they do a nice Eggs Benedict, with Yorkshire ham instead of the bacon some places do....I prefer it with ham.

Husband's out this afternoon, I might have a snooze then.  Or even just lie on the bed with a book and Betty, I have absolutely zero energy today.

Chicken curry for dinner tonight, to use up the last of Sunday's roast.  Will do cauliflower rice instead of proper rice, as I will have had an English muffin for brunch.  Still cutting down on carbs as much as I can.


  1. Enjoy your brunch.
    Hope the weather is good for a walk and some sea air.

  2. An afternoon nap must be just what the doctor ordered - we should all have a siesta like on the continent. Shame the practice never became an EU ruling!

  3. Have a lovely brunch and walk in the fresh air. And I agree with Viv - an afternoon siesta is a great idea!

  4. Hopefully, a walk about in the fresh air will help you sleep tonight. Fingers crossed! x

  5. Hope you had an enjoyable morning and relaxing afternoon, Sooze! :)

  6. I read somewhere, this morning, that two naps a week are very good for you to normalise blood pressure and various other medical things. I hope you managed to rest somewhat. XOXO

  7. Yes, maybe more excersize during the day would help you sleep better at night??


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