Friday, 20 September 2019

I don't bloody believe it!! And an update to my health. UPDATED

Just like Briony the other day, we are hopping mad.  

For husband's hospital appointment this morning, he was told to take a urine sample, along with a list of all his current medications (of which there are eight), and to get to the appointment 20 mins beforehand as he may need to have further tests prior to seeing the consultant.  We got there in good time, 30 mins before in fact....only to be told the appointment has been cancelled - by whom and for what reason, nobody knows.  The receptionist rang the consultant's secretary for us and passed the phone over to husband.  She was very apologetic, but couldn't throw any light on why it had been cancelled, nor could she give a further appointment.  She did say she will find out what she can and ring us, or the consultant will, on Monday.  In the meantime, we've been given a leaflet giving details of how to put in a formal complaint.

To say we're pissed off is an understatement - how bloody inefficient and downright uncaring can they get?!  Husband's UTIs and prostate problems continue unabated, as they have done since APRIL.  It's all very well him having lots of tests and scans, but he has yet to actually see ANY doctor, other than his own GP!  I am so fuming I could explode with rage.  I shall certainly be emailing a formal complaint today, the one thing I am very good at is writing letters, having got top grade A level in English Language at school, and been a secretary for 25 years.  They won't know what's hit them.**

A few of you have wondered whether my current feelings of being under the weather could have anything to do with my diabetes or high blood pressure.  No, I don't think it's anything to do with either of them.  I do have testing equipment for both and do check both, my BG levels and high blood pressure are both under control and have been for a long time.  In fact, my diabetes nurse was extremely pleased with me at my last review in the Spring, both my BG and BP had come down. Gemma's P, I don't have a UTI, not sure why you thought that?

I've been having gut and breathing problems, which may well be stress and anxiety related (is it any wonder?!).  I've also had permanent backache for several months now, it hasn't gone away at all.  I am seeing my GP about it all on Monday, the appointment has been booked for a fortnight.  But thank you for your concern.

And Briony, re your comment - I wish I did feel better, unfortunately I don't, especially not after this morning.

Husband's just had a phone call from the consultant's secretary, giving him another appointment on the 4 October.


  1. the bad words were flying through the air !!! Especially on the way home!

  2. Hi Sooze, commiserations I do know exactly how you feel. I have calmed down now although we specifically asked not to know the lung test results as it would just be another worry and this is no good for Tom, they can't do anything so what is the purpose of telling him he only has so much lung left?. What do you think? today we had a letter with the test results written clearly for Tom to see. Arghhhhh.
    I do think that maybe some of your problems are stress. I know I get times when I can't get my breath and I shake a little and I'm sure its all stress. I try to contain everything as seeing me upset makes Tom worse so it must affect us in other ways.
    As for your back. Do you think it might be connected to your hip. My back is so bad sometimes I have to perch on a stool to wash up and I know its connected to my arthritic hip.
    Just fishing for reasons for you.

  3. You should put in a complaint to PALS at the hospital. Don't be fobbed off. I was a medical secretary to a consultant for 30 years in the NHS and any reason for a cancellation - either of a whole clinic or an appointment has to be coded on the electronic system. The appointments clerks would've had to put in a code somewhere. This sort of thing is what gives the admin side a bad reputation.

  4. No wonder you are incandescent, this is an appalling neglect. All power to you making your compalint. I wish I could be a fly on the wall - as you say, thery won't know what's hit them!
    It doesn't help you either . . .
    J xx

  5. I can quite understand your outrage. It seems that the patient is an inconvenience to consultants sometimes. Earlier this year, we waited 2 hours to see a consultant, only to be told (after my Hubby asked the receptionist how long we'd have to wait) that he'd left the hospital as he thought he had no more patients! You're quite right to complain. Don't mince your words! xx

  6. I would be incandescent! Good about your blood sugars and pressure. Worrying causes such problems to our health doesn’t it.

  7. definitely put a complaint in ! I'd have been hopping mad too!
    Hope you can get some relief for your back when you see GP or at least an idea of what it may be. x

  8. Ye gods, no wonder you are mad! I hope that you put in a complaint and follow it up good and proper!



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