Friday, 20 September 2019

Busy day

Thank you for all the kind comments, Mum getting new and much more supportive carers is a weight off all our minds.

It's a busy day today, I have a bit of kitchen stuff to do first thing, then husband has his consultant's appointment (finally!!) mid morning at the hospital on the other side of town.  I shall be going armed with a list of questions....husband never thinks to ask any.  Need to pop into the supermarket on the way home to pick up one or two things, we haven't needed to do a full shop this week.  Then this afternoon I have lots of harvested garden produce to deal with, and some food prep for tomorrow - we're having our neighbour friends in for dominoes and food.  And then I'll collapse for the evening!

Slept a bit better last night and managed to not get up until 04.20 (a lie in for me).  Still don't feel well, I haven't felt well for weeks, but am too busy to worry about it today.


  1. Good luck at the consultant appointment. Good idea to have a list of questions. Maybe the good news about your Mum means better sleep for you. There's nothing like stress and worry to b****er up your health and sleep! Look after yourself, too. We women tend to put our own needs on the back burner. xx

  2. Hope the day goes as planned and the hospital are not running too late.

  3. Good luck with the consultant. Ask and ask if you need to and don't be scared of them, they are only people but sometimes they can be a bit intimidating. I can tell you are feeling a bit better buy this post. hugs

  4. You are quite right to have a list all ready - I used to with my dad when I took him to his appointments - I think the consultant thought it was a bit of an interogation and wasn't used to people who asked questions.
    I am sure the unwellness will be due to all the stress of the moments catching up - it takes a long time for the body to wind down again. After the summer we had with family concerns I feel in a similar way too.

  5. Do you test your blood sugars on a regular basis? I suspect either your blood sugar or blood pressure is all over the place. Neither is good for you long term, don’t keep putting it off, go see your doctor.

  6. That's a very busy day - good luck with it all.


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