Tuesday, 17 September 2019

Changes and decluttering

Thanks for all the comments on my back pain, it is marginally better today, although my right hip gave a noticeable audible crack when I got out of bed this morning and it felt very stiff indeed.  Walking around downstairs for a bit eased it somewhat.  Don't you just hate getting old!

Viv, I've just had a brief look for Bob and Brad on YouTube, wow they have lots of videos, I'll have a look at them later.  And Guusje, my chiropractor did say to do the stretching exercises whilst lying on the bed, thanks for reminding me.  And I've got a TENS machine, which I've only just remembered!  Honestly, my memory is as bad as my back.

As I've mentioned on my cardmaking blog, we're in the process of moving my work station into the small spare bedroom (which still needs to have a single bed in it), so I'll have a craft room with a bit more space for storage and a bigger working area (husband is extending my desk), rather than the too-small area on the landing I've been using up till now.  I have an Ikea storage cube unit on the landing which is currently full of yarn....after much thought, I've decided I won't be doing much crocheting now, it just doesn't hold much appeal for me anymore.  So I've decided to sell the yarn, I'll put it on our local neighbourhood selling website.  I'll keep perhaps one bagful, just in case I feel the urge in the winter!  That'll give me lots of storage space in the empty cubes.

Whilst husband is finishing off the construction stuff in my new craft room, I'm going to (finally) be doing some decluttering - I've decided now is the time to do it and have told Him Outdoors we're going to the tip tomorrow, hopefully with a trailer load!  He's got plenty of stuff in the garage and shed that I'm quite sure is just rubbish, despite him claiming it might come in won't, because he never does anything with it!  So that's today and tomorrow sorted.  And I'll need those stretching exercises and the TENS machine at the end of it, that's for sure.


  1. Snap.....I have just been doing a bit of decluttering in my sewing room. Curtains have been washed, windows cleaned and it's feeling like a much better place to work now.
    Enjoy your new room.

  2. It's funny how our hobbies change over the years. I used to knit as a child and in my teens but stopped late teens and didn't pick my needles up again until about ten years ago. I used to do cardmaking but I haven't done that for many years now.

  3. Lots of decluttering going on here too. Spent the afternoon with hubby in the loft, passing stuff down to me. Some stuff has gone in the bin, other stuff waiting to go to a charity shop and the rest is to keep. But it's NOT going back in the loft! Glad the back is feeling a bit better. Hope the stretching exercises and TENS help. x

  4. I need to get down to some craft work when I get home to reduce the amount of papers etc I have collected. I might as well turn it all into cards and save myself a fortune at the shops.
    Good luck with the declutter - my daughter used a TENS during childbirth - thought it was the best thing ever. x

  5. I hope you are in less pain now my lovely! xx


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