Friday, 13 September 2019

That craft shop and a surprise weight loss

Went to the newly-discovered craft shop yesterday, as husband is busy today.  It's a nice shop run by a nice lady, but there wasn't a great deal of papercraft stuff, it's mostly yarn and sewing supplies.  However, I did get a few bits, a sheet of Christmas silicone stamps and some stickers.  Good prices too.  The shop's been there for over 5 years apparently(!), to be honest, how she stays in business I don't know, nobody else came in during the 20 mins or so I was in there, and it's so out of the way buried amongst takeaways, clubs and estate agents, I'm surprised she gets much trade.

My extreme healthy eating I've been following for the past 2 or 3 weeks is paying off in weight loss, if nothing else - weighed myself out of curiosity yesterday and have lost half a stone.  Still feeling bloated and nauseous though, and I don't know where the weight has disappeared from - certainly not my abdomen, I still look pregnant.  (*Shudders* - what a thought, especially at my age!!  In case you hadn't picked it up, I'm the world's least maternal dog is the only baby I've ever wanted).

Husband went to his GP Tuesday for his latest wee test....he's still got an infection (no surprise there), so the antibacterial tabs he's been on a month instead of antibiotics aren't clearing it.  The GP is still reluctant to prescribe him any more antibiotics....quite how they're going to get rid of his infections if they don't prescribe them I don't know, nor does the GP!  At least he's finally seeing his consultant next week, so hopefully we'll get some answers from him.

I'm going to make Christmas cards today, I don't have the energy to do anything else.  Husband will be out all morning so at least it will be quiet here!

I really don't like these dark I get up so early, it seems like hours before it actually gets to morning.  It feels like summer has ended very abruptly and we've gone full pelt into an early autumn.  Having said that, it's forecast to be very warm and sunny this weekend.


  1. Congratulations on the surprise loss. Whatever the reson, it has to be a Good Thing.
    I agree with you about the sudden change in season. There's usually more of a transition. Perhaps the pleasant weather we are supposed to be getting will help.

  2. Lucky you to find an actual craft shop. There is absolutely nothing now in our area although I do have access to two Hobbycraft shops and there is also The Range but I very rarely find anything in there for the crafts I do now. The garden centre has a craft area but boy is it expensive.
    Have you looked at the cardmaking magazines? At this time of year they have lovely stamp sets free with them and you can even get ones with free dies.....a good way to build up your collection plus you get the magazine full of ideas.
    Brilliant news about your weight loss but I'm sorry you are still not feeling right.

  3. Well done on the weight loss. Just a thought about the bloating/nausea, have you though about food intolerances? I have lactose intolerance, and get bloating/diarrhoea etc if I eat dairy. Wheat intolerance causes similar symptoms. Might be worth asking your GP. Sorry Hubby is still having problems. Does he eat chicken? According to Dr Greger in his book How Not to Die, eating or even handling chicken can cause UTI's. You may dismiss that as nonsense, but just thought I'd mention it. Lucky you to have a craft shop nearby. Sadly, they seem to be a dying breed nowadays. xx

  4. Like Sheila said the craft magazines can have a good selection of stamps with them and can be cheaper than craft shop prices for the same amount. The see through ones are not as sharp when printed as the rubber ones but then the rubber stamps mounted on wood do go hard over time and stop printing clearly. I find the magazine ones hold out for many uses so not a bad investment.
    Well done on the weight loss. Hope hubby gets sorted. Has he tried a pro-biotic and extra vitamin C?

  5. Well done on your weight loss, wish I could lose some, but my downfall is inactivity. Can't do anything about that.

    There aren't any craft shops near me either, but when we are near The Range or our local garden centre I always pick up something. Occasionally I do an on-line shop at Hobbycraft making sure I spend £20 because then the postage is free. I have found that the best craft magazine is Simply Cards and Papercraft as not only do you get the stamps and sometimes dies there is also beautiful papers and toppers. I am a bit selective though as they are quite expensive.

    I hope your husband gets some satisfaction from his GP.

  6. I hope the little craft shop continues to stay open. My friend & I used to use one in Newton Abbot and two in Exmouth, but they've all closed now. The Range in Exeter has quite a good range (pardon the pun!) of craft stuff. The Creative Craft show is coming to Westpoint, just outside of Exeter at the end of September. Craft4Crafters is normally there end of January/beginning of February. I must get my box of Christmas cardmaking out soon, last year I left if later and had to rush, which takes the enjoyment out of making the cards.


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