Thursday, 19 September 2019

Good news for mum

Some great news about Mum yesterday - she's having a new care team at the end of the month, as the contract with the current ones comes to an end.  It was a contract arranged by the hospital, and was only ever meant to be temporary, until Mum didn't need it anymore (she always will) or new care was arranged.  The hospital care team have been good and kindly, but didn't do certain things - like give her medication, which is a pretty basic requirement and the fact that the carers arranged by the hospital wouldn't do it (not covered by insurance) was a bit odd.  They also wouldn't wash her hair, no idea why but it was body only.  So sister was having to still go in every day to administer Mum's meds (as brother, who has his own health problems, can't be relied upon to do it consistently), and struggle to wash her hair every few days.  

The new care team will do both, plus other things that the hospital ones won't, like load/unload the washing machine, change the sheets on Mum's bed, and other things.  It's going to take so much pressure off my sister and younger brother, we're all so pleased about it.

I'm glad I have my GP appointment on Monday, I really don't feel well at the moment and am having even more trouble sleeping.  Trying to keep busy, carrying on with the decluttering and going to the tip today (it was closed yesterday), but it's difficult when I don't feel well.


  1. I remember that with Mum. it was pretty much the same really and once the new company took over, things improved no end as far as doing all that other stuff was concerned. A much more complete service.

  2. Oh that is brilliant news for your Mum.
    Roll on Monday now then. Hoping that they can get to the bottom of your not feeling well.

  3. Well at least you have one bit of good news. Let's hope they can get you both sorted and then you can begin to live again. hugs briony x

  4. Such good news about your Mum. Hopefully, once the new careers are in place you'll all rest a bit easier. It does help when you know that your loved one is getting proper TLC. Hope you get some satisfaction on Monday, too. xx

  5. That is good news for your Mum Sister and Brother. Now to hopefully sort out your health.Take Care

  6. How is your diabetes regulation going?
    If possibly you have a UTI, it can cause all kinds of symptoms.
    Glad for your sister, I know personally what a challenge it is to be a caretaker.

  7. It's good to have some happy news of your Mum; not so good to hear that you are not feeling well and still suffering from lack of sleep. I hope that your GP will be able to help you.

    HUGS! xx

  8. Great news for your mum and a relief for your sister and brother.


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