Wednesday, 11 September 2019

Busy Burnham

Wetherspoons has gone downhill since we last went there.  It's a budget pub food chain, so we don't have high expectations, but they do a good varied menu with portions large enough to please husband, enough healthy choices to please me, and we've not had any complaints before.  However, this time was a bit different.  Things missing off husband's full English (he complained and got the missing hash browns), and both plates looked as if the food had been dropped on them from a great height, no finesse or care at all.  My avocado on a toasted muffin (with bacon and poached egg on the side) had chunks of raw red onion in it....I don't want onion for breakfast, especially not raw, so had to fish it all out.  Other than that, both our meals tasted alright.  Lots of tables hadn't been cleared, so I'm guessing they were short staffed.

We stocked up on Betty's food and treats, and I bought a 6" ruler for my cardmaking....I have a big one but it's too long for some things, gets in the way.  Nothing of interest in the charity shops.  The town was really busy, far busier than we would expect for this time of year - it was mostly older people, lots of them in groups, so there's probably an oldies themed week at the nearby big holiday park.

Betty seemed to enjoy her grooming session at the college.....they were a small group of mature students who all made a big fuss of her.  All the excitement clearly wears her out, she sleeps like a log afterwards.

My sleep was marginally better last night, and managed to stay in bed until just before 5.  Don't you just hate these dark mornings!


  1. Could be short staffed and also maybe poor management. A shame - you were looking forward to it.
    I rather love the dark mornings. I feel sort of safe and cosy behind the curtains. :-)

  2. I hate it when places you like changes or goes downhill - it happens to us a lot - in fact quite a few have just closed down. The Wetherspoons in Thirsk is one to be avoided - it is the only one I have ever been in and it was a bit like a place where the homeless congregate during the day - just full of old men sat around, TV blaring out and the whole place was dirty. I always go by the state of the tables - my pet hate is sticky tables - I always test them before we decide to stay and order.

  3. We used to use our Wetherspoons quite regularly but it's gone downhill too.The breakfasts used to be lovely and were such a treat but now they are not very good at all.....the egg always looks like a rubber one from a joke shop. We always used to go in fairly early but over the last few visits we were finding it full of young mums with screaming babies.....not conducive to a relaxing start to the day so I doubt we will be going again.
    Lucky Betty having a pampering session. I could do with one

  4. Maybe now the nights are longer you'll sleep better. I always seem to wake early in the summer, even though the bedroom curtains are dark, somehow the sun gets in! Maybe you should ask if they do pampering sessions for humans, if it makes her sleep... (only joking!) x


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