Saturday, 7 September 2019

Medical stuff

My head's been all over the place this week and I've felt distinctly unwell all week....both down to stress and lack of sleep, I'm sure.  Have got up and gone downstairs in the early hours every night, I think.  I'm sure it will sort itself out eventually.

Should have collected my repeat prescription yesterday - totally forgot.  I'd ordered it late anyhow (because I forgot!) and yesterday took the last of my diabetes med, so now I'm going to be without it for 2 days.  Oh well, I don't suppose I'm likely to drop dead over the weekend through not taking my diabetes meds for 2 days.  I haven't run out of my blood pressure med, which is far more important, or my anti-anxiety pills - ditto.  So that's alright....we'll pick them up Monday morning.

Speaking of medical matters....husband rang the docs yesterday to arrange for our flu jabs.  They said the first available appointments would be mid-October!  Due to not yet getting in sufficient supplies of the vaccines....anything to do with the bloody B-word, by any chance?!  They said to keep ringing up though, as they may get more in soon.  Or alternatively, if we have any GP or nurse appointments coming up (we both have, as it happens), we could ask at the appointment if they've got any vaccines to have it done then.

Going to Minehead this morning to have a mooch round the charity shops, there's a couple of really nice ones there that have some good bric a brac type stuff.  I could do with a gentle level walk to ease up my aching back and hip.

Husband's having steak tonight, I didn't fancy it so am having thai-style cod fishcakes, much more to my liking.  I'll do a few potato wedges with salad and coleslaw to go with it.

I've put a jumper on this morning, I actually feel a bit chilly!!  Highly unusual for me.


  1. Have a lovely day out and hope you enjoy your fishcakes. x

  2. We forgot our pills yesterday as well, just too much in our heads.

  3. Chilly here too. Enjoy Minehead - is the antique/junk shop still there somewhere towards the top of the town on the left?

  4. THanks for the tip re flu jabs. I'll pop down and see if I can arrange mine asap.
    Fish cakes sounds lovely.

  5. The weather is certainly changing. And each night, it gets dark a little bit earlier. I'm not ready to let go of summer just yet. On the flu jab front - do any of the chemists near you do them? I remember our local chemist advertised flu jabs, on a drop-in basis, last year. x

  6. Did you find anything nice in the charity shop? Do let us know. Your not the only one who forgets to pick up meds, I hope you will be ok without them.x

  7. Was Minehead as interesting as it used to be? I hope you enjoyed your time there. I would love to get into the old Beach Hotel that is now all offices, it would be a dip into the past for me.

    Hugs, my lovely! xx


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