Sunday 29 September 2019

The troll comment

The nasty comment on my blog post came from an anonymous poster (of course it did!  Comments like that are always from people who don't have blogs of their own, presumably because a) they're cowards, and b) they don't have anything interesting in their lives to write about.  Not that my life is particularly interesting, it's just my life).  She/he/they, however, did put a name at the end of their spiteful comment, perhaps because they hoped I'd publish it, having previously said that I will only publish anonymous comments if the poster puts a name at the end.  They called themselves 'Deborah' - who this is or whether that's their real name I have no idea, they've not commented before, to my knowledge, seems something about my post irritated them enough for them to crawl out of the woodwork.

They basically said that my health problems are nothing compared to husband's - how would they know?  I don't even know that myself yet, as I'm currently undergoing tests.  And, as I've mentioned, I don't write everything on my blog - why would I tell the world everything about me?  I may be blonde but am not stupid.  They also said husband actually does a lot for me (again, how would they know?  Do they live with us?) and does all the garden....he doesn't, actually, although the veg garden is mostly his domain, although I do all the planning for what we're going to grow and where, work out the crop rotation, and help with the planting, pruning and harvesting.  And the front flower garden is my domain.

And then their last sentence....they said I should find more ways of helping my husband.  And that just proves they know absolutely nothing about me.  Family and friends know just how much I do for my husband, and you know what?  It's absolutely sod all to do with anyone else.

Somebody said that I'm lucky to have my husband - yes I am, he is my soulmate, my best friend, I've always said that and I couldn't ever imagine life without him.  But he is also bloody lucky to have me, and freely admits it.

I don't know if I will blog again, right now I really don't have the energy to do it regularly, nor the frame of mind.  But, 'Deborah', don't waste your breath (or fingers) making any more comments, because you won't be published and I won't waste any more time on some spiteful little nobody who doesn't even know me.


  1. Biting my tongue hard in order to remain legal!!!!! Very hard after reading it all, especially tha last bit.
    As you say, she obviously doesn't know you at all - and there is absolutely no excuse for sending a message like that, whether she does or not anyway. Small wonder you are angry. I expect everyone else who reads the above will be as furious as I am.

  2. Good for you. Don't publish the troll again. x

  3. Always happens, you put yourself out there and someone comes along telling you what you should be doing. Ignore made up names, they don't have the balls to identify themselves. It is upsetting to receive shite comments. My delete button is being put to good use.

  4. Your life is yours, nobody has the right to tell you how to live it. As I said before, just delete them and carry on. hugs

  5. Although I dont have a blog my self I have seen a few of my favourite bloggy friends targeted.I always tell them that these trolls...I refer them as it.. are more to be pitied than blamed,lol.Its life must be so boring and sad and maybe if it got out more,instead of laying on its dirty bedsheets all day it might find some thing else to do.Like sitting in the middle of a road and taking car numbers,counting slugs that are in the garden or even having a bath!!.There are lots of ways that it could make its life better instead of writing nasty comments to people.I bet its feeling quite ashamed of its self right now and like a scab it will drop of at some point,lol.xx

  6. I am so sorry to hear you have been subjected to this malice. I think you have a lot of friends in Blogland and if you give up then the troll has won, to my mind. Perhaps just post once a week with just the positive stuff, good days, your dog, cooking or any good health news, just to keep you in the blogging community and hence the support it gives. Whatever you decide, I hope you get some help from your GP and a solution.

  7. I don't have a blog and rarely comment on other people's. However, this time I am really in your corner. I don't understand how mean, spiteful and 'up their own b..s' some people are. As you so rightly say they must have mean, small and totally insignificant lives. Total bullies. I do hope that things look up for you healthwise and family wise. Buona fortuna - a hug from Italy - Rosemarie

  8. Goodness this person doesn't know you at all! People!!!! Just keep writing when you choose and we will read and pray for you!!!

  9. The best action is no action - just ignore her. Caring for someone who is ill and having a stressful time because your mum is also ill is hardly likely to make you feel full of the joys. Anyone in your positon would feel unwell and incidents like this is not going to help. You have so many good blogging friends who wish you well and can understand completely how you feel - you only need take notice of them and forget the deadly Deborah - she is no one's friend. x

  10. You have lots of blog friends (I'd like to consider myself one) who only wish you well. These nasty, small-minded scum don't deserve one nano-second of your time - unless it's to pity them their sad, lonely, little lives. xx

  11. I am not a troll! This is Best Bun

    When my mother passed my sisters and I cleaned out her apartment. One of the trash items was a set of letters written to DM by DF. I asked a sister why she discarded them She said 'This was their story not ours".

    Your marriage is your does not belong to anybody else. No one has the right to judge your circumstances.

    Will be praying for you and DH.

    Best wishes from Best Bun.

  12. Only caring responses today, you can see how well you are liked.

    Hugs! xx

  13. like Debi and Rosemarie I don't have a blog and rarely comment but I wanted to add my support. I'll never understand why people are so unkind and feel sad you've been the subject of spitefulness. I hope your GP has answers for you and that you feel much better soon. Very best wishes Julie xx

  14. Sooze, batting in your corner!

    Is there a way that a blog can be made private and followed by invitation and approval by the writer only?

    Hugs xx

  15. Hugs dear one. Sunshine and blue skies are wished for your day from here.
    I choose not to have such people in my personal life. They are downers of the worst kind. I don't feel good around them or after they have left me. I consider them , their problem , not mine. So avoid them the best I can. Ignore them and go on with my best life I can have.
    Good health to you all, you , mother, husband and all.

  16. Oh Sooze, what a nasty person. Trolls are just a waste of air breathing space.
    Sending hugs from the Land Down Under


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