Friday 13 December 2019

Busy, when I just want to curl up and sleep

Thank you once again for the lovely and supportive comments, and the emails, people are so kind (especially complete strangers!).  And Joan in Devon, thank you, you're right, I don't have to explain or justify myself.

I was told something yesterday which really upset me (nothing to do with the blog), consequently I had hardly any sleep last night....that and the noisy gale going on throughout the night (and which is still raging) kept me awake, so feel like death warmed up.  And sod's law, we have a busy day, just when I don't feel like doing anything.  Got to take Betty to the vet at 9.15, her ear infection is back.  Then it's my boob squashing, luckily the hospital is on the way back from the vets.  We need to go shopping as well, whether I feel up to doing that straight after the mammogram remains to be seen, we might just take Betty home (we'd have to leave her in the car whilst we do the shopping anyway, which I'm not keen on doing) and go out again later.


  1. Oh Sooze....I do wish things could settle down for you.
    I'm so sorry that you have been upset.
    I just want to give you a great big hug-x-

  2. My word, you all seem to be having a rough time of it lately. Even Betty! I think it'll be time to just rest and put your feet up when you get back home. It's always the way, when you need a break, something comes along to bugger it up! Take care. xx

  3. Shopping could wait, couldn't it? It sounds like a quiet time at home is much more important. I hope Betty's ear infection clears quickly. You could do without that worry as well.
    Much love to you. xx

  4. {{{Sooze}}} ... so sorry you had upsetting news, which gave you a sleepless night, it's horrible when your whirling mind keep you awake.

    Good luck with the mammogram, I always think of the Swan Lake ballet when I have to do the dying swan movement, hanging on that vertical rail for dear life. Good luck to Betty and vibes Mr. Vet can sort out the ear infection quickly.

  5. Have a good day despite the docs!!!!!

  6. Don't laugh please!
    We drink cider vinegar water for ailments!!!!

  7. Hope you got on OK and have a better night tonight

  8. So sorry to hear you have had more upsetting news. Hope the vet can give Betty something to make her feel better. Have you tried ear plugs for when the wind is so loud it's keeping you awake. We always use them when we go on vacation. Hotel room air conditioning is always so noisy and we have had a room right by a busy highway in the past. They do help with noise but not for the upset that is keeping you awake. Take care.


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