Monday, 2 December 2019

A lovely sunny Winter morning

Thanks for comments.  Julia, I'm happy to give the CBD company name, they're called and they don't do bank transfer payments, it's credit or debit card.  Their customer service is brilliant, they're very professional and the oil comes well packed and in a very pretty box.  Viv, don't worry at all, I wasn't upset....whilst the hospital may say that Mum is not currently at end of life/palliative care stage, we know it won't be long until she is, we've all been prepared for that for a long time now.

Mum is still in the cancer ward, they apparently are moving her out of the side room and into the main ward now, as she's no longer passing blood and the diarrhoea has stopped.  I think it'll be better for her to be in the main ward with other people, sister said mum seemed quite depressed yesterday in the side room by herself.  Not that Mum's particularly sociable, she isn't really, but there'll be more activity to give her some interest.  Sis is worried that Mum's not eating much - yesterday apparently all she ate was one Weetabix in the morning and a single slice of toast in the afternoon, she says she's just not hungry and doesn't feel like eating.  She does have some kind of vitamin drink, she has it on prescription at home (it comes in little bottles), she has 2 or 3 a day and is also being given it in hospital.  I've said that as long as she continues to have those, and drinks other fluids too (which she does), then that's something and there's not much else sis can do - she can't force feed her!  I know sis is worried about it, unless she is there at mealtimes then Mum frequently doesn't eat the meals, the nurses simply don't have time to sit with all the patients and encourage them to eat.  And Mum has lost a lot of weight....about 6 stones during the past year, but she was rather overweight to start with - she's certainly not now, she's like a little bird.  Poor old thing 😢

Husband's out for the morning, I'm doing a bit of cooking then some cardmaking, I'll try and remember to take photos.

We don't go in for Christmas in any sort of big way, but I do like just a very few decorations....this is our Christmas tree:-

Very minimalist!  And out of the way of Betty, who wouldn't be able to resist the temptation to play with one that was at her height!

There was an absolutely glorious sunrise this morning:-

My photo doesn't do it justice, the clouds looked wonderful.  We have clear blue sky and lots of sunshine now, although it's certainly very cold and there was quite a hard frost this morning.


  1. Thanks so much for that info. What a rollercoaster you're riding with your poor Mum. Very difficult for everyone. Best wishes.

  2. I have tree envy - I like your minimalist approach. As you say your mum will have more people to watch on the main ward and help with the boredom of being in hospital.
    Stunning photo of the sunrise - I was still asleep then after our latest ordeal at the weekend which I will blog about later when I come round a bit more!

  3. As long as your Mum's drinking enough and eating a little, plus the vitamin drinks, there's not much else anyone can do. It'll be better for her in the main ward though, people about and things going on. Nature can certainly put on a show when she wants to - beautiful sunrise. Hope you're feeling better. xx

  4. My thoughts are with your Mum Sooze.

    It's very cold here today too but the sky is pretty and blue with white fluffy clouds.
    I was going to do some sewing this afternoon but my hands are so cold and painful that I think I'll leave it for today and snuggle up on the sofa to watch tv with Andy.

  5. Forgot to say.....I love your tree :)

  6. It all sounds very familiar, the situation with your Mum and those nutritional drinks are good as well as being reassuring.

    And I love the tree.

  7. Glad you are doing better sleeping


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