Sunday 8 December 2019

Christmas is being put up today

Thank you for the comments, the diazepam tabs are helping and the muscle spasms have stopped now, thankfully - well, fingers crossed, I haven't had one this morning so far.  The thing I don't like about the diazepam is that it lingers, I still feel very fuzzy-headed the next morning (I only take it at night), my head feels like it's stuffed with cotton wool and my brain is frozen for hours.  Still, they relax my painful muscles and that's all that matters.  

Between the tablets and the CBD, I'm sleeping better, which is wonderful.  The past few nights I'd been sleeping solidly for the first 4 hours or so, but then waking around 02.00 and dozing only intermittently after that, finally getting up around 4 ish.  Consequently, although I was getting some good quality sleep in the early part of each night, I just wasn't getting enough and so was becoming more and more tired.  Last night I was dropping with exhaustion, went to bed at 9.30 pm and slept very nearly straight through until just before 5 am, only waking a couple of times and going straight back to sleep each time.  So now I feel tons better.

Speaking of the CBD, since mentioning it here I've been getting loads of spam advertising comments....sigh.  They get binned straight away, of course.  I don't know why they don't give up - ok I know they're bots, not people, but people must programme them in the first place - I mean, does any sensible person ever actually take any notice of what are clearly money-grabbing scams?  I suppose some must do, else what would be the incentive for them to carry on?

So today I'm going to put up the rest of my (few) Christmas decorations - I only decorate the hall window and the mantel shelf in the lounge.  Although I'm thinking about putting up something on the stair banister....which will give Grinch husband something else to moan about 😂.  I can't find the string of fairy lights I put inside a big glass bowl....they weren't in the bag with the rest of my decorations and I can't remember what happened to them last year, so may have to buy some more....cue more moaning from the Grinch, snigger snigger.  Just to add to his misery, I shall be playing my Christmas CDs, I absolutely love all the Christmas songs, whether they be cheesy pop, old classics or hymns, and play them throughout December, singing along with them.  Incidentally, I've noticed that as I've got older, my singing voice has got worse (not that it was good to start with!) - well so what, I like singing along and it makes me happy.

We have a busy week, husband's appointment with the consultant on Tuesday (the one he's been asked to take a family member/friend to) - he says he's not worried about it but I think he is.  Wednesday I'm having my hair cut, then in the afternoon it's my appointment with the sergeant major nurse for my annual diabetic review and for her to terrorise me into losing weight.  Well, I do need a kick up the bum, my motivation is sorely lacking at the moment.  And on Friday morning I have my boob squashing, which I hate but would never think of not going.  I need to write all my Christmas cards this week too.


  1. It sounds a very busy week so thank goodness not only has the pain gone but salso that you have slept much better.
    Have a great time annoying the Grinch as you decorate, sing and make merry.

  2. I think a good old sing-along does the world of good. I love my Christmas cd's too.
    Glad you had a good night's sleep.

  3. My singing voice has deepened remarkably as I have aged.

  4. Glad you're sleeping better and the pain is easing. Good luck with all your appointments this week, and with losing weight. Not easy at the best of times but at Christmas... xx

  5. You SOUND like you feel better. Good.

  6. I've still got all my cards to write too. My dad was asked to bring someone with him to one of his appointments and when we got there it was nothing out of the ordinary, they had nothing special to tell him, so it may be the same for your husband. Hope all goes well.

  7. Glad you are doing better!!!!


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