Monday, 30 December 2019

Getting prepared for new healthy eating regime

I am determined to crack on with losing weight and getting fitter in 2020, my weight is affecting so many aspects of my health now and I've felt increasingly unwell for the past few months.  Admittedly, not all of it is weight-related, some of the gut problems certainly are to do with stress and anxiety, as are my sleep problems.  That won't be improved until Mum's funeral and associated other problems are dealt with, and husband's prostate op is over and done.  But losing weight should help with my arthritic hip and back pain, joint pains, general sluggishness, my early diabetic foot problems, and the internal stuff like my worsening fatty liver disease which has progressed to Stage 2, gallstones, high BP and moderately high cholesterol.  I don't want any of that to get worse, I want it all to get better or at least be stopped in its tracks.  And I don't want to have to be on various medications for the rest of my life.  For all that to happen, I HAVE to lose weight.

Realistically, the new diet proper won't start until Friday 3 January, but I am making preparations and plans between now and then, and am starting to eat more healthily.  Our day to day eating regime for the past few weeks has involved not much healthy home cooking, and rather too much reliance on quick carby things, snack foods and takeaway stuff - something we very rarely normally do.  I'm sick to death of peanuts, crisps, chocolate, cake and pastries now, so that's good!

We still had most of my Christmas cake left....I'm not really a great lover of it (I make it for husband, who loves rich fruit cake) but had eaten a couple of small slices.  Yesterday I portioned it up and gave some to neighbours and put a little bit in the freezer, for husband to have on his birthday (8th January) - I froze it so he won't be tempted to eat it before then.  

We had the bacon, brie and cranberry puff pastry pie I'd made and frozen before Christmas for dinner yesterday, as we were having the double crust pastry pie for dinner, I didn't do any carby root veg with it, just lots of green veggies.  Now there's just the last few mince pies left, which will no doubt get eaten today.

Will try to ease into the low carb, moderate fat and protein, lots of chicken, fish and green veg and fruit thing this week, prior to starting proper with that in a time restricted window on Friday.  We're out on NY eve to neighbours so won't have much control over what we're given to eat and drink (I do supposedly have control over how much of it I choose to eat though!), so I expect some naughty things will be consumed then.

We must try and get out for a beach walk today, Betty needs it and so do I, the lack of activity for the past couple of weeks due to back pain, has just exacerbated it even further, I'm in total agony now.


  1. Hi Sooze. I too have been eating a little more healthily lately. Working myself in gently so it isn't a huge shock to my system. Joy's blog is a good source of motivation and recipes.

  2. We need to lose weight too. Like you, we're going to try eating healthily during the week and relax a bit at the weekend. A beach walk sounds good - blow some of the cobwebs away! xxx

  3. You can do it, Sooze, but be kind to yourself too. SLow and steady . . .
    Good luck.

  4. I too need to lose weight and I'm sick of all the rich Christmas food, I have ate too much pastries and cake, all home made but still to much for me. So your not on your own.

  5. I think as well as getting out and moving. Stress relieving is in order. Breathe deeply and go to a peaceful place in your mind .
    Quiet, deep breathing, relaxing your muscles. Think of yourself, take care of yourself. It isn't selfish, it is necessary. :)

  6. Snap Sooze - I am on a mission too - I only need to shed a few unwanted pounds but I do need to feel stronger and more energetic and loosen up a few of my stiff and achey muscles and joints.I will be reading along with you for some ideas. Good luck x

  7. Good luck, my lovely girl! xx

  8. I will get back to eating sensibly and going to the gym, once the new year is over. My knees are better when I go to the gym :)
    You can do it, Sooze, just don’t beat yourself up if you have a wayward day, just get back on it the next day, slow and steady x


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