Friday, 6 December 2019

Did the earth move for you?

This morning I had to give in and get an emergency GP appointment for my back, I had excruciatingly painful muscle spasms from the minute I attempted to get out of bed.  A couple of them were so agonising and sharp, I very nearly fell over - if I hadn't grabbed hold of something I would have been on the floor (and then would never have got up).  The GP prodded all over my back - whilst I was standing, he didn't ask me to get up on the couch, thank goodness - and said 'I think I can safely say it's painful pretty much everywhere below your rib cage'.  As I yelped every time he touched me, it didn't take much deducting.  He's given me the dreaded diazepam....I know they're a good muscle relaxant, I've had them before, and at least they give me a good night's sleep.  He also recommended I get on with the self referral to physio sooner rather than later.

I've had some heat on my back for short periods today (my microwavable wheat bag shaped like a hot water bottle) and it's helped a bit, enough to enable me to move around without wincing all the time and looking like I've aged about 20 years.  So I've been able to do a few things in the kitchen.....chargrilling a bagload of peppers I bought reduced to 28p, deskinning and freezing them, and sorting out the fridge and giving it a clean.  I've just prepped a cauliflower for cauli mac and cheese for dinner and had a bit of a surprise - there were quite a few insects nestled amongst the leaves, all dead thankfully, but also a big wasp!  A hibernating queen, I presume - it wasn't dead, it moved a tiny bit when I prodded it with the knife.  It's dead now though!  Bees are fine, I don't like wasps, having been stung a few times.

Had a few showers today but there's been a lot of sunshine too, quite a nice day and not too cold.  

Big news last night, but it completely passed me by!  There was an earthquake here just before 11 pm, the epicentre was only a few miles away, just the other side of Bridgwater.  For a change, I was fast asleep and never heard or felt a thing, our neighbours said they heard a thump and their doors rattled, friend a couple of miles away said he felt it too.  It was 3.2 on the Richter scale apparently.  So no, the earth didn't move for me (sorry, bit cheesy lol).


  1. I'm thinking that Diazepam is about the only thing that is going to help Sooze. My back is so bad I'm having to sit on a stool in the kitchen to do most things, I think it is probably referred pain from the b hip. Most pills do nothing at all but Ibuprofen eases it a bit but I don't like taking them all the time. I shall have to go back to the docs after Christmas but I do not think there's a lot they can do.
    Lets hope the pills kick in and give you some respite soon.

  2. My husband always does a little something even when he hurts to keep things loosened up and keep doing a little more as he feels like it. Eventually working up to doing normal things daily.
    Sitting or laying only makes things set up and hurt more when you go to move.
    I know with me it is stress when I have sharp back pains and just have to calm myself down and relax.
    Hope physio helps. Work slowly but work at it.:)

  3. Hope the Diazepam gives you some relief. Physio is a good idea. My Hubby had it for a frozen shoulder and it really helped. Unfortunately, it's not a quick fix! Hope your pain soon eases. xx

  4. You sound in a bad way at the moment - something is not right having so many things wrong at once. I expect lack of good sleep could be one of the culprits as our bodies tend to repair overnight especially muscles and from what you say you don't have very much of it. Hope you get a bit of relief today and when it starts to ease perhaps some very gentle exercises. Thinking of you. x

  5. That sounds awful for you, Sooze. Are the tablets helping at all? I do so hope they are and that the spasms have stopped.


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