Thursday, 12 December 2019

Everyone's entitled to an opinion

Thank you for all (well, most) of the comments....there were a few anonymous ones that just got binned - I don't publish comments from anonymous people who haven't the courtesy to leave a name, nor do I publish downright rude ones (which are nearly always anonymous, I wonder why!!  Bloody cowards).  Yes, everyone is entitled to their opinion, including me, and it's my blog and if I choose not to publish some comments that's my decision.

Anyway, to give a broad blanket answer to a few of the comments....

We do indeed know how lucky we are to live in this country and have free and excellent healthcare.  Well, it's not entirely free as such, we've contributed with all the National Insurance contributions we've both made during our working lives.  Our NHS is brilliant, I've always said so - it's not without problems but they're largely caused by lack of funding and support from the Government.

Moving on to all the suggestions re getting husband to and from hospital, and for me to stay in a B&B nearby.  All I can say is, you don't know the intimate details of our situation, I may say quite a bit on here but I don't give the whole story - I may be blonde but I'm not stupid.  Certainly not stupid enough to tell the whole unknown world and their wife/husband every detail of our lives.  So you'll just have to accept that some of your suggestions, whilst I appreciate them very much, are simply not feasible for us, for various reasons which I'm not going into.  As for it being a question of priorities....yes, but everyone's priorities are different.

Well, it's election day here in the UK, and whichever way we vote may have an impact on our NHS.  The whole bunch of MPs, from whichever party, are a shambolic lot of incompetent liars, as far as I'm concerned - they all seem to forget they're supposed to be representing us, the common people who live in this country, it's more about squabbling amongst themselves and getting the upper hand.  And they say anything, literally anything at all to get us to back them - how many of their so-called promises will actually be carried through after they've been elected?  I will vote, but to be perfectly honest, it's a case of voting for the person/party I find least offensive, not because I have any actual faith in them.  And no I'm not saying who I will vote for, that's nobody's business but my own.

I had my nurse appointment yesterday, it's my boob squashing tomorrow (really looking forward to that one!) - hooray for the NHS!


  1. Happy Boob Squashing Day to you, Sooze.
    And I agree - this election has been the pits, an utter disgrace. It's not just the politicians, a large chunk of the media hasn't been any better really

  2. Hear, hear! I really don't know who to vote for - they're all the same, in it for what they get out of it, not to help us, the "little people". Sorry you've been getting nasty comments. Some people! Yes, the boob squashing is great fun (NOT). At least it only lasts a few minutes. How did you get on with the Sergeant-Major nurse? I hope she had some good suggestions for helping you lose weight, not just the usual "Eat less, move more." xx

  3. Free boob squashing and a chance to vote for a load of liars - what more does a person need for a December week!! :-)
    Have fun(?) at everything.

  4. It's been a very murky business this election, very unpleasant, still I'll be out to vote later, not that I live in a marginal constituency but it's something I must do.

    I know what you mean about some comments. I've disabled comments from my blog for a bit, I love reading and responding to them in the main but at the moment I just want to tippy tap away with freedom.

  5. I don't envy you that boob squashing Sue.

  6. As I've said to you before, you don't have to justify yourself to anyone, least of all to a bunch of strangers.

  7. Hope you manage to find a way to go through with the operation - my dad had to have a similar one at age 80 and he was fine afterwards but for medical reasons because he delayed the op initially he had to wear a catheter and bag strapped to his leg for the rest of his days which was a bit of a shock that they had not warned him or my mum about; but mum even managed to deal with that for him and eventually they carried on with life and holidays as normal even though it was such hard work having to find places to drain down the bag. It is a very common problem for men apparently.
    I always think there is a solution out there somewhere - if I lived closer I would drive him there myself.
    Hope the boob squashing not too unpleasant for you or the result of todays elections! xx

  8. You both have to do what best for you, Sooze. It’ll be interesting to see what the turn out of voters is this time. Even my husband doesn’t know who I vote for. It is a secret ballot after all. Hope all goes well tomorrow :)


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