Wednesday 4 December 2019

Observations when I can't sleep

It's just after 04.00 and I've been awake for an hour.  Quite cold but am warm enough in my thick fleecy dressing gown and slippers.  Just been looking out of the window in the spare bedroom....clear sky with lots and lots of stars....a house across the field has lights on downstairs (they're farm workers so I guess they're getting ready for work) and it looks a bit foggy in the light from their windows shining on the field.  There's an owl hooting in the trees to the right of the field.

Betty lifted her head and looked at me when I came downstairs just now, but then snuggled back down into her bed.  She went to the groomers yesterday, she smells gorgeous (much better than the fox or badger poo she rolled in at the weekend!) and her fur is so lovely and soft.

Went to Clarks Village at Street yesterday (it's a designer shopping outlet, one of those places filled with lots of posh expensive shops that sell off last season's stock at lower prices....still expensive though).  And bought....a bar of chocolate from the Cadbury shop - a gift for a friend, not for us.  Nothing else took my fancy, so that's all I spent.  It wasn't nearly as busy as I thought it might be, I guess most people went on Black Friday or at the weekend.

Morrisons are doing whole salmon on their usual holiday offer of £5 a kilo, think we might go and get one - salmon is my favourite fish, I'd much rather have that than steak, husband would always choose steak though, although he does like salmon as well.

It's my beloved Aunt's birthday today, she would have been 73.  That's probably why I can't sleep.


  1. You and me both - up early, I mean.
    Sending love and sympathy.

  2. Sorry you're not sleeping well. The turmoil in your mind is working its magic again! Have a restful day. xx

  3. I am sleeping far too well and struggle to wake without an alarm in these dark mornings - good job I am not a farmer!
    Have some happy memories of your Aunt and dwell on her life rather than her death. xx

  4. We've had a thick blanket of fog all around us overnight and it's still not lifted.
    I struggled to get to sleep until the early hours and have probably managed a couple of hours. I don't feel too bad though.
    Remember the good times with your Aunt to help you through the day.
    Big Hugs-x-

  5. Thank you for the heads up. I'm now the proud owner of some half price salmon. I wouldn't have known about it only for you. X

  6. I wish I had a bigger freezer wen I read about those sorts of bargains. We both love salmon and would happily have bought some if we had the room. I could have chatted with you at 04:00 as I too was wide awake. Head full of 'stuff'.

  7. I haven't been to Clarks Village for years! We used to try and get our kids school shoes there when they were at Primary school. It always used to be really busy. Is it not worth going now? It takes about an hour and fifteen to get there from our house, so it would have to be worthwhile.


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