Sunday 31 July 2022


 The meat-less roast dinner was lovely, husband enjoyed his pork chops although he said they were a bit on the dry side (he cooked them, I only did all the veg!).  There are roast spuds and stuffing balls left over, I'd normally freeze them but husband said they could be left in the fridge for snacking on!  

This coming week will consist of decluttering and batch cooking.  We'll start on the utility room's become (once again) less of a utility room and more of an extension of husband's shed and repository for all his junk that he can't be bothered to put away.  This happens every few months....he's supposed to limit his junk (he calls them tools πŸ˜‚πŸ˜’) to one cupboard and the worktop over it, but he gradually encroaches more and more into MY spaces, and even puts tools etc on top of my large plastic lidded food storage boxes, which annoys the hell out of me.  So we'll be clearing that first before I resort to violence.

I shall be batch cooking and freezing meals for our next caravan stay, things like cottage pie, fish pie, lasagne, curry, a couple of pasta bakes, all things which can be microwaved.  Which reminds me, I need to order some more glass dishes with lids from Ikea - I'll have them delivered, both of us detest going to that store.  I wouldn't mind it so much if we could just go straight to what we want and then straight to the till, rather than going through the entire maze with all the people just drifting around.  There's probably a way to do it, but I've not yet cracked it!

The meals will have courgettes featuring heavily in them, if not sliced or chopped then grated, good for bulking out dishes and adding extra veg.  Within the next few weeks, I think I'll have to tell husband to dig up a couple of the plants and put them on the compost heap, I'm already beginning to dread him coming in from the garden with another armful of them.  Fortunately, I can also use them in the dog food, Betty doesn't seem to mind.  I've always put grated or chopped veg in her homemade food, she eats it happily.  Except for peas, she obviously doesn't like them as she leaves them on the plate!

It's been very muggy over the weekend, that's forecast to change apparently.....good, I hate the mugginess, it really saps my energy.

Husband's got probably his last nurse visit tomorrow, it should have been last week but he missed it, wrote the appointment on the wrong date on the calendar!  AND he had a text from the surgery to remind him, it clearly still didn't click.  Honestly, that man!


  1. You can throw some courgettes my way, if you like!🀣 Doesn't it feel good to have a good sort out? I think stuff breeds overnight! What is it with men and appointments? Mine needs an eye test and it's taken him a couple of weeks to get round to booking it. He says he has to build up to it (because it's so traumatic, obviously!) xx

  2. If it is any consolation many of us have husbands who do the same thing - mine will not put anything away when he has finished with it. Apparently leaving tools out all over the place means they are available when he next wants them . . . sigh 😩 Some years ago I decided that there is far less conflict (for me) if I just pick up the junk and dump it unceremoniously back in his garage, or wherever it belongs. No amount of arguing is ever going to change him so I don't bother.

  3. It sounds as though all husbands are the same. When it all got too much with my first husband leaving his tools all over the place I used to add them to my car boot sale boxes and if he hadn't noticed them missing beforehand I would sell them. Revenge is sweet ;-)


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