Thursday 28 March 2019

Kind friends and the dentist

Lots of thank yous today - firstly to Marlene and Cherie (I think it's Cherie, you didn't include your name) for sending me lots of lovely card making bits and pieces - greetings, toppers, shapes, all sorts.  Very kind friends - you're not just bloggers, you're all really kind and thoughtful internet friends.  And that also goes to all of you who have sent lovely sentiments about my Mum, both via comments and emails, they're so uplifting.

Also thanks for the kind comments about my first effort at cardmaking.  It's not perfect by any means, but the design came out just as I'd anticipated and I was pleased with it, as I'm sure Mum will be.  As Mum's eyesight is poor, she won't notice the faults on it anyhow!  I'm making a few more today, that first one took me an hour, hopefully I'll speed up the more I make.

As for my urine test results...I've been ringing the surgery every couple of days, they tell me each time that these particular tests are quite involved and do take time.  I googled, just out of interest, and it seems they're right, 3 weeks isn't uncommon, one person even had to wait 6 weeks for theirs.  I guess a lot depends on how busy and backed up the path lab is in your area.  I'll just have to be patient.  Been spoilt, I suppose, with the speedy results for blood tests here - we get results for those the very next day.

A dear friend sent me a link yesterday to a die cutter being sold by Aldi in their Specialbuys this coming Sunday (thanks TA x).  It's a mini one for beginners, comes with some supplies and an instruction manual (good!) and costs just £19.99.  I shall probably get it - I don't suppose it's perfect, but for a beginner's one I can't really go wrong at that price.

Got the dentist this afternoon - it's only a check up but I'm hating the thought of going, with my gum disease I'm always worried she's going to say she can't save my teeth and they'll all have to come out!


  1. Good luck with test results of course! Love the card-hobbies are so good for us!!!
    Good luck at dentist-dread all those appointments coming soon also for me!!! I can relate!!

  2. Sooze please be careful check the die cutter at the shop defore you buy it. The cutter I had was brilliant and you had to turn the handle. Then I had to have an operation on my heart and was told not to use the cutter because of the pressure on my right side. I now use an electric cutter which is brilliant. I hope you got on okay with the dentist.
    Hazel c uk

  3. Good luck at the dentists - may all your fillings be small ones (or none at all)

  4. I am glad you looked that up, now our minds can ease on the time frame.
    Now you will have to look up gum disease to see that it isn't as bad as you think.

  5. I'm glad you liked the items. I am totally the same with the dentist, I work my self up.

  6. I'm glad they arrived... I never thought to put my name oops... :-)

  7. Sounds a good price for that cutter, I've often looked to see how much they are and they can be over £100 and then the dies are not cheap either. Have fun with it.
    Hope the dentist went OK

  8. The dies are really cheap if you buy them directly from China via the Aliexpress site. They are a fraction of the cost of similar ones in the UK. Do you have a branch of 'The Works' where you live. They have some nice cheap dies.


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