Thursday 7 March 2019

And the next thing...

I would say that life for us is like a roller coaster, but it seems as though there are more downs than ups over the past few months.  It does feel a bit like someone's got it in for us....I know that's rubbish, it's just what it feels like.

The lovely lady doctor I saw in A&E a couple of weeks ago, as well as recommending the Sleep book to me, also picked up on something completely unrelated to my teeth.  The reason she picked it up was because she just happened to have been to a conference last year on this very condition.  She said I should mention it to my GP with a view to having tests, as it wasn't something that would be checked in a routine blood test, or even thought about.  So I did.  The GP has taken it seriously enough to arrange for me to have an initial test.  If it comes back positive, then I will have to have further tests, most likely as an inpatient in hospital.  If they're positive too, then it means an operation, further treatment and probable medication for life.

If it is positive....well, sod's law says it'll probably all happen around the same time that husband is due to have his foot operated on.  In which case, I'll postpone my stuff - husband's in pain and needs his foot op, my condition, if indeed there is one, doesn't really impact on my daily life (as yet) and if that A&E doctor hadn't picked up on it, I would in fact have remained in blissful ignorance.

But let's not get ahead of may turn out to be nothing.

I'm being (well, trying to be) positive about it all, but I do wish that something nice would happen for a change.


  1. I am hoping that when the tide turns it will bring you a tsunami of good things. In the meantime have a hug. xxxxx

  2. Isn't it just the way of life that one thing comes on top of another. Fingers crossed that it all turns out ok for you.

  3. I echo Pam's sentiments!

    Hugs! XOXO

    Ps, my sourdough has bubbles - imagine how excited I am! xx

  4. Sorry you are having more troubles but at least you have each other, my dear husband died in 1987.
    Hazel c uk

  5. I say the same as Pam.....there has to be a huge pile of goodness out there for you after everything you have put up with.
    Huge hugs-x-

  6. Oh, goodness! Hoping that suddenly you will be swamped with all the good things in the world to provide some balance.
    And also that the tests come back negative. xxx

    My sourdough is also bubbling like crazy. Very exciting!

  7. I know what you mean, every day is a struggle for us as well, one thing after another. Keep your fingers crossed that it will be okay.

  8. I have a friend who when things are going well says its the lull before the storm. Well you are having the storm so hope you get the lull soon. Storms pass eventually! Also hope your tests are negative.

  9. Hope your tests all prove to be negative and you'll have one less worry. You seem to have a very high level of coping mechanism and I'm sure you'll cope no matter what the outcome!

  10. Maybe you two could have beds side by side in the hospital and have someone else take care of you both!
    What do you mean they wouldn't let Betty stay? ;)

  11. Just caught up with all your post, you poor thing, its one thing after another, hope life improves for you soon. x

  12. hope the tide turns soon. x


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