Monday, 4 March 2019

The next spanner in the works

Well, life just keeps throwing us curveballs.

This morning husband had a hospital appointment to do with his feet - he's been having pains in his feet, one more so than the other, for a few years now, mainly in his toes and front part of his feet.  None of his footwear (and he has a lot....trainers, Skecher type slip ons, lace up shoes, work boots, walking boots) is comfortable, he's constantly having to change his footwear because it's hurting him.  The GP thought at first it might be ingrowing toenails (it wasn't), or infection under his toenails (not that either) and finally possibly arthritis.  

He had several x-rays this morning, then saw the consultant.  To cut a long story short, he has something called Morton's neuroma - it's damage and pain to the tendons and nerves in his feet, basically.  It's caused by wearing tight constricting footwear (in his case, steel toecapped boots) for many years....can also be caused by high heeled shoes.  He's worn those type of boots virtually all his working life.  

He has to have an operation, following which he'll be on crutches, not allowed to put weight on his foot or to drive for 8 weeks.  When he's recovered from the first foot op, he'll have the other one done.  So we won't be able to go out (as I don't drive), I'll have to do all the dog walking, and do all the shopping online, for a total of 16 weeks.  We'll have to ask friends for lifts to the GP/hospital appointments.  More of a  bloody nuisance.

An added complication is that the consultant said the op is normally done under general anaesthetic, as it's complicated and can be quite long.  However, due to his heart condition, he may not be able to have general anaesthetic...the consultant said she'll have to liaise with his heart consultant for further advice.  I guess local anaesthetic will be less of a worry and he won't have the side effects and tiredness a general anaesthetic can give, so that's something.

Online shopping isn't a problem, I do it that way sometimes.  I'm not so keen on taking Betty out by myself....she's very strong and tends to yank on the lead if she sees a cat or another dog, or a person she knows, or a tractor or farm trailer...all of which we have in abundance round here.  I could always just take her in the field behind us, but in a few weeks the crops will have grown and she loves rootling about in there, gets hidden amongst it so we can't see her and is reluctant to come out.  And I can't get in there to pick up her poo - that's if I could even find it!

Oh well, we'll just have to cross that bridge when we come to it.  Husband needs this op, he's been in a lot of pain.


  1. it seems to me that the wicked fairy has sprinkled you with bad luck by the bucket load. I wish that i was closer to lend a hand. It would be lovely to see the tide turn in your favour one day soon.

  2. Could you find if there are any dog walkers around you?

  3. Oh my goodness,not what you needed to add to the stress. Good to know whats wrong I guess but will be difficult for you coping without transport.

  4. Oh dear - I've heard they are a really painful condition. I know sometimes they're treated with an ultrasound guided steroid injection which works for some. Doctor knows best though!!

  5. I am sending my strength and dog control by voice to your Betty to set her straight . Dog walker...neighbor friend good idea.

    At least something can be done for his pain .

  6. Oh gawd and hubby could do without that.
    I hope he doesn't have to wait long for ops.
    Big Hugs-x-

  7. It just never ends does it. You just start to settle down and another problem rears it's head. Try to take one day at a time it will all sort its self out. Hugs

  8. Gosh it's just one thing after another. Have you tried dog obedience classes … or would that be a car journey as well. I hope you can sort things out.

  9. There is an animal charity The Cinnamon Trust that possibly would walk your dog for you whilst your husband is unable to, give them a google or there is Borrow my dog, someone without a dog walks yours. If you are not running the car perhaps a Taxi would be the way to go. Good luck.

  10. Really feel for you. I know you live in Somerset. I'm close to Mendips and this is a genuine offer. If you need transport, help with Betty or anything really. I'm very happy to help. Just contact me on

  11. Sorry about your husband, it might be worth to try and ask for a second opinion. You might ask from AGE UK they might be able to help you with some support.
    Hazel c uk

  12. As if you haven't already had enough going on!
    Is there someone local who could take over walking your dog - maybe you could thank them with a fresh loaf from time to time.
    Hoping it all works out for you.

  13. So sorry to hear this news Sooze. I hope you can find help with the transportation and help with Betty. You can only take one day at a time and hope for the best.


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