Friday, 22 March 2019

Just irritable

Husband had to go to the surgery for blood tests yesterday, so he asked if my wee results were in.  Still no, they said it would probably be early next week now.  I don't know why it's taking so long, but it's doing my head in.  

Mum goes for her kidney function tests today, to find out whether it would be possible for her to live with just one kidney.  She's hopefully seeing a Macmillan nurse whilst at the hospital, she'll be there most of the day having these tests.  She'll be shattered when she gets home, poor thing.  Sis will be with her.

Landlord's builder came in yesterday to look at our roof.  Next door's roof needs extensive repairs, ours apparently is nowhere near as bad but the builder said it will need remedial work sooner or later, so it would make sense to do it at the same time as he's doing next door's roof.  He said that'll mean scaffolding front and back, most of the roof tiles off and some of the woodwork, new felt and some wood, then everything put back and scaffolding down, a week's worth of work, if not more.  Just the thought of all that upheaval, mess and noise brings me out in a cold sweat, and Betty will be beside herself too, she'll be barking her head off.  We'll have to go out every day, I don't think I could stand being here.

Haven't had a decent night's sleep in ages, I'm up every night.  I gave up on the Sleep book, it seems to be all about mindfulness, which I have a hard time with.  I have a headache that comes and goes all the time, it's a bit weird really, I used to have headaches that lasted for hours, this one only lasts for a few minutes at a time but is very painful all the same.  My anxiety levels are high right now, that's probably the cause of the headaches.  My back is killing me again too, it just feels like I'm falling apart!

Washing machine repairman coming today, I hope he fixes the machine, the washing is building up.

We had chicken biryani last night....lovely, but the house stinks of curry this morning, I must throw all the windows open.  


  1. The roof stuff is the sort of thing that'll be nice when it's all over. I'm sorry about those headaches and backache and fingers crossed for the machine repairs.

  2. Hope your headaches and back pain will ease soon and washing machine fixed today.

  3. Sorry to hear that everything feels a bit much at the moment - I can understand why with so much going on and quite big issues - I expect the headaches are brain overload as so much must be churning around in there at present!

    Fingers crossed for all the events (mother tests, your tests, washer etc) x

  4. Try magnesium daily as supplement for headache and not sleeping and more water for headache, works for me.
    I am a basket of nerves when one thing is wrong let alone all you have going on. My nerves always cause back pain , tension. I can actually sit in a chair relax and calm down and my back pain is gone. So I know what it is anyway.

  5. I don't envy you the roof work but if it is all done at the same time as next door, you won't have to put up with it in the future. Possibly. I'm not sure any more, I can't stay awake and I am so cold that I think I am getting the lurgy. Off to refresh my hot-water bottle. Hugs, xx


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