Saturday, 2 March 2019

No, we're not a bank!

As you know by now, we don't have a lot of money.  I'm not complaining, we have a great life - all our bills get paid on time, we have no overdraft, nor do we need one, we eat well, we have a nice warm cosy home and a lovely garden, in which we grow plenty of veg & fruit and lots of lovely flowers.  We have enough for our simple needs, the occasional day out and even a cheap holiday sometimes.

We've been contacted by private message on social media 3 times in the past year, by 3 members of the same family.  These people we have very little contact with, for various reasons, in fact we haven't seen nor spoken to them on the phone for several years, our only sporadic contact with them has been via social media.  So it was surprising to get messages from each of them, within a few months of each other, asking for money.  

The reasons given were the first one having serious rent arrears, the second was about to move house and needed money for a security deposit, and the third, this week, has no car now and can we lend them enough to buy a car!  

I don't know where they all get the idea that we have piles of cash sitting waiting just to give to them...or indeed why they think that we'd even be willing to just hand it over to them.  Especially after things that have gone before and having so little contact for years.

But what has annoyed us even more is that they all clearly think we're stupid - the first one (whom we did actually scrape together £200 for, although we did make a point of telling them that there would be no more forthcoming) posted a pic on social media a week later showing a pair of riding boots they'd just bought (yes they have a horse).  The second had, the week before asking us for the security deposit money, which we didn't give them, posted a ton of photos of the piles of presents, including designer clothes and expensive toys, they'd bought for their 1 y.o. child's birthday.  The third has literally just come home from a fortnight's holiday in a hotel in Egypt with their partner and child - we're not giving them any money either.  Not that we have it to give them.

All of them are the type who post details of every aspect of their shallow materialistic lives on social media, so it's a bit dumb of them to not think that we would see how much cash they all throw about.  

No-one else has ever asked us for money, and these three are all from the same family, I think that says it all.  They must think we're mugs, a soft touch with an open wallet.  Well, they're very wrong.


  1. Cheeky beggars ! hope you left a message on the pic of the boots !

  2. The cheek of some people just beggars belief Sooze.

  3. Some people really do not know what it is to not have any money, they think if they can't afford holidays and designer clothes that they are hard done by. I know people like that.

  4. Do you actually know these people? As in you have met and spoken to them?

    I don't know how people have the gall to beg for money when their lifestyles are clearly mortgaged to the hilt.

  5. Seems some people live in different world. I wonder what would happen if you went on all their social media and asked for money!

  6. I had an in-law like that who would have bled me dry if I had let her. She had loads of debt on totally unnecessary things and spent a fortune on her mobile phone contract. She would not accept that these things were not needed. These people don't seem to have any self-respect.

  7. There are a few like that in my family, they live many miles away on the east coast. When my husband died they were all over me like a rash. They even suggested that I might like to sell my house and buy one with them. when I told them that I would rather poke pins in my eyes they were shocked.

  8. The cheek of some people!! I would definitely send private messages to each of them with reference to their need of money and what they spent it on. Especially the first one who can't pay rent but got new riding boots! The nerve!!

  9. People like that aren't worth your time. They are as able as you to get by on what they have...which seems to be plenty. They just don't want to. They may be living the high life by begging to everyone they know. Makes me ill.
    You guys do very well on what you have .You could even write a small book /pamplet that let people in to the secret of living gracefully on little.
    You can't have money to just give away to con artists. Be careful.

  10. If you are receiving these requests by e-mail, it may be a scam artist. Check that the e-mail address is correct before opening the message.

  11. That is beyond impertinent! What an outrageous thing! Would it be possible to block them? I'm angry on your behalf but you see it over and over again - someone posts about how badly off they are and when you go onto their time line there are photos of their latest luxury holiday taken on their new whizz phone! Makes me so cross.


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