Sunday 31 March 2019

Cardmaking and the Aldi die cutter

I've now made 6 cards which were needed immediately, or within the next couple of weeks, I'm getting better with each one and hugely enjoying the experience.

Some of you suggested keeping cards we get sent, to use parts of them in future card making.  That reminded me that I had a box somewhere full of cards I'd kept.  After searching a while, we finally found it at the back of a's the size of a large shoe/boot box and is absolutely full of birthday, anniversary, Christmas, thank you, get well cards, obviously collected for several years.  I said I was a hoarder!  And thank goodness for that - there's masses of potential there for bits to cut out and use as embellishments on my cards.  I'm so pleased.

I'm now going to start making general birthday, anniversary, etc, cards, so I have a stock of them.  I also have an engagement card to make, husband's grandson got engaged yesterday.

I've also started watching a couple of the craft shopping channels on TV when they're doing cardcraft supplies - yes they're pushing people to buy their stuff, but I'm not going to, not even remotely tempted actually.  But it is giving me plenty of ideas.

Went out and bought the Aldi mini die cutter this morning.  I've never used one before, never even seen one before now actually, so my experience with them is nil.  However, I've tried it out and it seems absolutely fine.  It comes with one flowery embossing plate and 3 small die cuts - 1 medium and 1 small flower and a little leaf.  There's also an instruction leaflet....useful, as I honestly wasn't sure how to use the machine!

They have lots of yarn and fat quarters in the Aldi specialbuys today (one lady bought literally a trolleyful of the yarn!  How greedy is that?!), if anybody's interested.  If you're looking to start cardmaking, then I reckon the die cutter is a good cheap buy.


  1. If you ever get to Hobbycraft they ALWAYS have dies in their reduced section. I only ever buy the 50p ones. Hearts, flowers, birds , etc. If you ever visit an area where there is a Hobbycraft, its worth a look. Also in the reduced section you will find lots of cheap embellishments in the 50p to £1 range. I buy them for school. Jane

  2. Can you get other plates for it? The Aldis in the UK always have better things than in the US!!!

  3. Yay, you got it - there'll be no stopping you now! xx

  4. I had a strange coincidence regarding die cutters which I'll write about next week!

  5. If you are canny you can keep an eye on the Aldi website and order some of the special buy stuff before it hits the store. The lady with the trolley full was probably going to put it on eBay, as when it's gone, it's gone and people may want to add to what they found. I can't wait to see what you do with cards.

  6. I also buy dies from the Hobbycraft reduced bins. You can get some good deals that way. Also, if you aren't in a hurry, you can buy dies and embossing folders from China on the internet very cheaply (and often free P&P - I can never understand that!). It takes them a few weeks to get here and normally by the time they arrive I have forgotten what I've ordered so it is just like Christmas! I use my word dies a lot (Happy Birthday etc). Do check the size will fit through your machine though.

    Enjoy your machine. I use mine on most of my cards one way or another. Helen 🙂

  7. Pleased you got you cutter and enjoy it.
    A lady brought us a lot of wool for us at a charity Knit in at Aldi at the weekend so not everybody was being gready she was getting it while it was on offer.

    Hazel c uk

  8. So pleased to hear you are loving the card making - sounds like you will have even more fun now you have the die cutter.


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