Friday, 15 March 2019

Real life!

Somebody (anonymous, of course - aren't they always?!) has left a comment on my blog this morning, telling me off for the language I sometimes use.  My response to which is....BUGGER OFF IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT!  Nobody's forcing you to read.

I've not entered a popularity contest, this isn't a blog manufactured to show off sweet pretty things.  This is real life - my real life.  And it's not all roses and cupcakes and cute little kittens.

It's pissing in a jug for a urine test, it's cancer, it's heart disease, it's having no money but making the best of things anyway as best we can.  It's having to turn down a meal out with friends because we can't afford it, but staying home instead and having a nice homemade burger and a favourite video we've seen loads of times but love to watch again.  It's washing clothes in the bath because the washing machine's buggered.  That's what real life is, and it makes me swear sometimes!


  1. Good for you, well said. Heather

  2. Sorry to hear about the washing machine Sue, and sorry to hear you have to put up with the crap again, oops I suppose I might be targeted by the ass holes for saying crap now, I wonder if it is the same person/people that are being nasty to me again. Some people are so sad and sick. Love your blog, love the way you don't pretend to be something you are not, carry on as you do. xx

    1. If you are wondering why I unfollowed and followed again its because I am just trying to follow you on my new blog but it will only let me do it on one. x

  3. Oh Sue... I think the blog police must be around. Ignore them. I enjoy reading your day to day musings.

  4. You tell them , bl***y pests. We like you just the way you are.

  5. For goodness sake what stone do these people crawl from.

    Your blog Sue, your words, and if someone is so easily offended why do they read anyway.

    I would think a good many of us have sh**e in our lives at some time, and talking about it with friends helps, I find.

    Carry on, and sending much love to you

    Ree xx

  6. I never understand why if someone is offended they continue to read. Chin up. X

  7. I am so sorry you are getting nasty posts. Anonymous has the problem and her life must be boring. Take care.
    Love, Hazel c uk

  8. Hi, I never really comment on blog posts (I don't have a blog), but I really am with you on this. I cannot understand these "anonymous critics" who always seem to know best. I wish you all the very best with all the problems you are having to face at the moment. This is life - we have all or are going through tough times. Sending hugs across the continent. Rosemarie

  9. I have seen sites were the language is far worse with a very crude word every few words - now that I would call bad language. In the context you had written it I felt it helped to underline and for readers to understand the frustration and worry you were feeling.
    Just ignore them - whoever they are they are obviously just doing it to provoke and cannot have any human decency to make this kind of point after all you are going through at the moment. sending best wishes your way x

  10. What the heck? I suppose these people have nothing better to do with their lives. Don't you wish that there was an electrical connection between their computer and yours and a big red button at your end? ;-)

  11. Hi hun, It's YOUR blog no one elses - you can write what/how you want. Don't give them any of your blog time just hit delete - or print it and let us all shame them and have our say!. You are going through an awful lot at the mo and need support - anyone who comments like that under anon is a coward.Chin up hunny bunny - your blog readers have your back.*smile*.We are here to listen, help anyway we can and send hugs your way:) Goldensunflowerx

  12. THREE CHEERS TO YOU. I agree, anyone who doesn't like a blog has the option of not reading it. Go ahead write exactly what you want and don't let any person stop you.

  13. Swear away - it's your life, your blog, your rules. If they don't like it, they can stop reading! Some people are just so . . . so silly!

  14. These people who leave these kinds of comments are looking to upset you and to get a response and attention. Give them neither. Don't approve the comments, and don't mention them on your blog or anywhere else as it gives them the attention they are looking for. :)

    Do not allow these trolls to have any power. Hit delete, and delete them from your mind just as instantly. They are not important. They are cowards.. ;)

  15. It's not swearing, it's vernacular speech. Happens all round the UK so either your easily offended correspondent is overseas or they're isolating themselves from everyday life. Now if they want real swearing, come round to mine, next door neighbours started with the power tools this Sat morning at 8.05! Savannah.

  16. There are so many blogs to read, why do they come to some and criticize. It's your blog, you say and swear as much as you like. If someone doesn't like it-move on. All the best to you Sooze.

  17. Hi Sooze, sorry I haven't responded for a while, been away in Norfolk for a few day's birding, only got a good soaking on Tuesday afternoon but it didn't matter as we all had waterproofs and there were convenient hides to escape the worst. Yes, it was very blowy a times but apart from that I think we got away quite lightly when you compare the weather to the rest of the UK.

    Fingers and toes, paws and claws crossed for your Mum that she will be able to make the right decision for her and feel comfortable about it. Life can be a real bitch sometimes and it's just not fair!

    Glad your washing machine has settled down again, I sometimes wonder whether these all singing and dancing electronics are worth it, great when they work but otherwise ... Might it be an idea to ring the companies' Tech Department? They might be able to tell you what to do next time the machine computer decides to go on strike.


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