Friday 1 March 2019

Insomnia cure?

Morning all, thank you for the comments on our day out post, you're very kind.

When I was at the hospital last weekend, the A&E doctor I saw recommended a book about insomnia to me (she was taking a general health history and one of the questions she asked was if I slept well).  It's written by a doctor who specialises in sleep problems and has been on TV - not that I've seen or heard of him before, Dr Guy Meadows.  The book is called (imaginatively) The Sleep Book, I ordered it from Amazon at a cheap price on Sunday evening and it arrived on Wednesday morning, I took it with me on our day out and started reading it in the car.

It's divided into chapters covering a week at a time, giving various dos and don'ts and suggesting exercises (not star jumps or anything like that!  More mental exercises or things to think about or do or not do) and giving case histories.  I've not read it all yet (I'm still on Week 1) - there's quite a lot to take in and sometimes I've just been too tired to absorb it all and have had to backtrack!

From reading the introduction and having a quick flick through, the general premise seems to be that everything you've been told before and everything you've been trying to do to help you sleep, is wrong and you need to stop all of that.  Not just things like sleeping tablets or a drink or 2 before bed, but even getting up when you can't sleep and having a warm milky drink and listening to music.  He claims that insomnia can be cured in 5 weeks.  Hmm.  Well, I have an open (if knackered) mind and am certainly willing to give it a try.

I have suffered with insomnia literally my entire mother used to drive herself to distraction with worrying about my lack of sleep as a child, she worried about it much more than I did, although I think eventually her anxiety about it rubbed off on me.  I remember her taking me to the doctors when I was about 7, he said it was because I had an overactive imagination and would grow out of it....50 years is a long time to be waiting to grow out of something though!  😕😂😜

I do think that a lot of my health problems could certainly be down to my lack of sleep, or at least would be vastly improved if I did get more, and better quality, sleep.  And scientists have been saying recently that lack of sleep contributes to making people fat.  No wonder I'm the size of a small house then!

If this book works, I'll let you know (in a post written during the day, not, as is my usual practise, in the early hours of the morning 😁 ).


  1. Interesting. I'll be really interested in how it goes, experiencing, as I do, bouts of poor sleep from time to time. Wishing you all the best with it.

  2. I would be interested to see how this works out for you as I too have suffered from insomnia pretty much all my life. Hope it works and you have cracked the cure to good long sleep filled nights

  3. I suffer periodically too but Iry to stay in bed and do some mindfullness routines. I do think it makes the weight go on because I was extremely worried about our daughter from October last year and put on 10lbs by January when she was given the all clear. I’m going to look at the book and see if I can reprogramme myself-thank you.

  4. I too will be very interested in your findings - I may even purchase that book . Since turning 50 I've suffered badly with insomnia. I've not resorted to medication yet though and so far have put it down to the menopause. I hope you get some help from the book .

  5. I hope it works for you, you have been bedevilled for a long time. xx

  6. Let's know how you get on Sooze. I've had terrible insomnia for years, fed up of feeling permanently tired.

  7. I was just wondering with you sounding so much happier , if you were sleeping better at night. If nothing else you can pick the book up start reading and fall asleep. :)
    Did you sleep any better after being out all day keeping busy ?

  8. You would hate Tom. lol. He gets into bed and promptly goes to sleep. The cats love his bed because he literally doesn't move all night. Not like me, I'm up at least 3 times in the night to go to the bathroom, so annoying.


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