Saturday 16 March 2019

Smiling today

I said I wouldn't write again until I had something good to say.  Well, two nice things have happened - amazingly.  

Our washing machine is quite a techie one - apparently I could even operate it via an app on my phone....not that I have, wouldn't know how (nor would I have any need to).  All I'm interested in is 2 or 3 different wash cycles, including a short one, and the fact that it has a timer.  I usually load the machine and set the timer for it to come on overnight, to utilise the cheap night rate electricity.  Well, this week I'd loaded and set it twice, both times it didn't work...the first morning I just reset it manually and it was fine, the second time (yesterday morning) it wouldn't work, the electronic display just kept switching between programmes all the time and finally went dead.  I switched it off and on again 2 or 3 times, but it was still dead.  

Anyhow, to cut a long story short, this morning husband switched it on to test it and it seemed I put in the wet washing I did in the bath yesterday and spun it off - it worked perfectly.  I'm doing another short wash now as a test and it still seems to be working fine.  Hooray!  

We often have power cuts here (one of the downsides to living in the country) and during the past week we've had several, at least half a dozen, caused no doubt by the gale force winds that have been a permanent feature recently.  So we're wondering whether the power outages buggered up (oops, I used that word again!! 😂 ) the electronics, and leaving the machine unplugged from the mains for over 24 hours allowed it to reset itself.  We had an engineer booked for Monday afternoon, provided the machine does this current wash ok then we'll cancel him.  No point in paying a call out charge if we don't need to!

You may remember that towards the end of last year, our car broke down twice in the space of a month, costing us just over £1000 in repairs (and nearly bankrupting us in the process).  We do have (pay for) a parts and labour warranty with one of the big two auto rescue companies, but they refused to pay out either claim, basically on stupid technicalities.  Get out clauses, more like.  Well, ever since then we've been battling with them, me via email, husband on the phone, to get them to change their mind.  Our argument was what's the point of paying for a warranty if said warranty won't pay out in the event of a claim - any claim, it seems? (The garage where the car was the rescue firm....said they're so fed up with the rescue firm refusing to pay claims, and then the garage having to deal with disgruntled customers, that they are now refusing to take on any warranty work from them!  That says it all doesn't it).  We felt that the rescue firm are taking money under false pretences if they continue to refuse to pay out.  

Finally, yesterday afternoon husband had a phone call from the rescue company...they've agreed to cover one of the claims and will transfer the money into our bank account on Monday.  They still insist the other doesn't qualify under their Ts&Cs - I can sort of see their point, but they are being very petty and unreasonable about it.  However, we're just very glad that slightly over half the amount we've paid out in repairs will be reimbursed, I can't tell you how relieved we are.

And I just want to say this - when you're having one problem after another, all of which are combining to make you very anxious, stressed and depressed, you do find out who your real friends are.  Not that I had any doubts really.  So to TA (you know who you are) I just want to say a huge thank you for your kindness, from both S and I (((hugs))).

And to all you lovely blog readers who have left such kind comments, and sent me such lovely emails....thank you all.


  1. Glad to hear things are on the up, have a good weekend.

  2. So very pleased that good things are happening at last. It helps to see a sort of balace appearing, doesn't it?
    And now my fingers are crossed that the washing machine continues to behave itself. It could have been a power cut, I suppose.

  3. Brilliant good things are on the up..... and hopefully this windy weather will stop soon as I'm fed up with it.

  4. Oh Sooze it's great to hear some positive news. I'm so glad the washing machine seems OK and that you have finally managed to make that claim on your insurance.
    Hope you have a fab weekend.

  5. Maybe this is your turning point....

  6. So glad you have positive news. Enjoy your weekend.

  7. Well done on persevering to get your money back-I think these rodues depend on people just giving up. We had a power outage and everything went doolally including FB but that was world wide. Enjoy the rest of your weekend.

  8. Afternoon Sooze

    Brilliant news. What a performance you've had over the car repairs. Are you able to change companies when the renewal comes up or do you have to stay with said company? As for the washing machine, it's feasible that the power cuts have been the cause of the problems. At least it's something you can check if it happens again. Good luck with the washing :-D

    Have a good weekend.


  9. Great news to hear. Glad your having some better luck and well done with the persistence for the garage claim.

  10. So good to hear , hope this good news keeps up! Persistence is paying off. You will get it done if no one else can. I admire your can do attitude. ;)

  11. Glad you have had some good news this weekend. Kind regards x

  12. Hi hun, YAAY - what great news both with the car and the washing machine :) Hopefully, this is your turning point! Goldensunflowerx

  13. One saved you paying out money and the other got you money back. Great news!!

  14. At last a glint of sunshine breaking through that dark cloud - I am so pleased for you.
    Can I add that in respect of the washer if you put into Google your washer reference number (from your instruction manual) and the words 'reset' it should come up with some advice on how to do a reset if your machine doesn't actually have a button. With mine you have to turn the dial to economy and press two of the other buttons at the same time - you wait for a beep and then turn to off and hey presto usually the fault goes if it is to do with the electronics getting in a mess. Your reset will be different and sometimes it is with power on or off depending on the model but just follow the steps as they suggest. Power cuts and surges can get it into a mess sometimes.
    It has probably reset itself by it being off for a while and then you may have turned the right knobs to reset it itself.
    In respect of the insurance company - when our cottage flooded we had to fight the insurers every step of the way for 4 years - I have two lever arch files of emails going back and forth - part of the reason was when they agreed a figure for something they couldn't even add up acurately and I had to do it for myself, tell them they were wrong and then wait another few weeks for them to do it correctly - maybe it was a stalling technique but all the time the pay out is losing value.
    Pleased you got them to pay out on one part of your warranty - it is frustrating work though. x

  15. Re the techie problem, it's not enough to turn a machine off to reset it, you usually have to unplug the device and leave it overnight to get itself back to factory settings. There's always residual current at work if you don't. I only learnt this from an electrical engineer neighbour who came round to have a look at my DVD player which wasn't working. Unplugged it overnight, plugged it back in next day, let it work through to factory settings and hey ho, worked again. We get power cuts regularly too so now I always do same routine and touchwood, it always works. Savannah.

  16. Great to have some good news to write about for a change Sooze, hopefully this is the start of better times for you and hubby.


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