Friday, 29 March 2019

No fillings! And a minor card incident....

The dentists was ok, no fillings again.  I suppose I'm very lucky to get to my advanced age and have no fillings at dentist says that my teeth are absolutely fine, it's just a pity I have gum disease!  At least I don't have to go again for several months.

I'm very tired, I keep waking up around 03.30 - 04.00 and find it impossible to get back to sleep.  Since reading (well, I've read half of it) that Sleep book, I no longer worry about not sleeping, I don't lie there fretting about it and actively trying to get back to sleep.  I just lie quietly for a while, letting my thoughts drift along, then get up after about half an hour - no point in just lying there if I can't sleep, I'd rather be up.  Consequently, though, I'm shattered now - even after a lifetime of being used to insomnia, I still need sleep.  It gets to the point where it's an effort to drag myself through the day, then I get a couple of reasonable nights of sleep, simply because my body is just so exhausted.  

I think I'll spend the day in the kitchen doing some batch cooking of meals to freeze, then have a weekend of doing nothing much.  Other than going shopping Sunday morning, we've got nothing planned.  I dare say husband will be out in the garden preparing more beds for seeds and plants, I'll get on with some more card making I think.  It's quite addictive!

The second card I made yesterday was going ok, I was trying out some stamping designs.  Then a bit of a disaster - the stamp I was using stuck to the ink pad and in pulling it off I accidentally flipped the pad over....on top of the card, so ink splattered on it - not a lot, but enough to ruin the card.  Duh!  Oh well, these things happen, I'm bound to have the odd disaster.  I did briefly wonder whether I could make a feature out of the splatters, or cover them up, but not really an option.  Think I need to buy a rubber and some correction fluid/stuff.  Some blotting paper would be useful too, I reckon.  Anyway, despite one ruined card, I'm really enjoying my new hobby and learning as I go along.

I completed 2 cards successfully, but forgot to photograph them before posting them.

I now have 2 shoe boxes of card making stuff, along with the pretty floral box my sister gave me.  A couple of you, Sue and Eleanor, mentioned I might need a whole room for my supplies....we do have 2 spare bedrooms, but I doubt husband would be very happy at me taking over one of them!  He thinks my 8-drawer Ikea unit full of yarn on the landing is more than enough stuff!


  1. You're a girl after my own heart! :-)

  2. It's very adictive, as is most crafts. I find I am waking earlier with the lighter mornings, our bedroom curtains have not linings, I like to wake by natural light, my days are now longer, but by waking naturally I am calmer.

  3. Men just don't understand our "stuff"! If he moans just have a look in his garage or shed and have a moan about his "stuff". Pleased you are getting pleasure making cards. There are some really good videos on You tube for inspiration.

  4. The card making sounds fun. My husband doesn't understand my stash either.

  5. Well he has all the outside to store his stuff he does for hobbies.

  6. Tap the stamp with the pad not the other way round and future disasters will be avoided-guess how I know that?? Well done on making and sending the cards so quickly.Happy cooking and crafting. Catriona

  7. I think you should point out that S uses his shed and your utility room so you are entitled to use a bedroom for crafting... xx


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