Sunday 3 March 2019

Thank you for your concern

Thank you for all your supportive and outraged comments, very kind of you.  Just to be clear....these people who have asked for money, they're not con artists - well, not professional ones.  We do know them, they're relatives....unfortunately.  They didn't get in touch via email, they sent private messages via social media....the only social media we use.  And I would never open a suspect email, I always check who an email is really from if it's not someone I'm familiar with.  I may be blonde and a technophobe, but I'm not stupid.

It's the early hours of the morning again, I went to sleep quickly and easily but woke up with a headache, I've had sinus trouble the past few days.  So I've come downstairs, taken some tablets and made some warm (soya) milk and am now going to sit and read my new insomnia book(!) whilst waiting for the meds to work, before going back to bed to practise what I've learnt....😁  

Heavy rain showers and strong winds are forecast, Storm Freya apparently, so it'll be an indoors day - apart from taking Betty out in between showers.  She doesn't like going out in bad weather any more than we do, sensible girl. 


  1. As you implied, they ARE con artists really and I hope they get their come-uppance. Expecting decent, hard working people to shell out willy-nilly for things they could manage themselves if they controlled themselves, sold a few things and stopped wasting money on unnecessary stuff- it's just not on!
    Stay warm and safe today!

  2. As one early riser to another, I wish you hours of blissful sleep. I do not have insomnia, just a small requirement of sleep. Every now and then I sleep 7-9 hours if I have been particularly active but 5-6 is my norm these days. It used to be 4-5 so I am sleeping more now than when I worked full time.

  3. I have just been reading about your family requests for money - you are quite right not to hand over any money as this never helps people with their debt problems anyway in the end. Only they can solve their own problems and that is by understanding that it is not the amount of income that you have that is important but how you spend it. You and your husband have obviously grasped this fact and is the reason you live comfortably (rather than extravagantly) within your means, but sadly your relatives have not. I worked within Legal Aid for many years and one of my jobs was to check applicants for eligibility - I can tell you this was an eye opener - their bank statements I had to trawl through said it all and highlighted the fact that often they chose an expensive Sky and mobile packages over paying household bills and buying food. It was no shock to me that you saw photos of riding boots etc even when deep in debt; we had clients who could not understand why we could not include the costs of their horses or even a boat within my calculations for assessing disposable income - they could not grasp the fact that Legal Aid is not in fact free but really a charge on every tax payer. It always seemed to me that it was not Legal Aid that they required but financial and money management advice!! One oddity I saw regularly was that some of our clients had bank accounts that you paid a fee for every month but were constantly overdrawn and so the fee just compounded over time to make matters worse! Maybe a few basic lessons at school might be the way to go as the problem of people not being able to manage is becoming widespread.
    Sorry this has turned out to be a bit of an essay. I would just block your relatives on social media.
    Hope the sleep improves with the book.

  4. I am sorry I didn't mean to offend you , didn't mean you were in any way wrong.
    I just know relatives who have conned a close person to us and show no regrets. So con men in my case meant family. Who don't mind asking for money and lie ing about why they needed it. I just don't deal with liars, I don't have to , so I don't.


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