Monday 25 March 2019

Thanks and car boot scrum

Thank you everyone for the really helpful comments yesterday, the suggestions for things like double sided tape, sticky pads, youtube videos and picking supplies up cheaply from car boot sales are all things I hadn't thought of.  And thanks so much for the offers to send me some supplies, so kind of you all.  I think I'm really going to enjoy card making.  The first card I make is going to be for my Mum, it'll have to be bold and colourful as her eyesight is poor.

Speaking of Mum, she's seeing the consultant tomorrow afternoon to give him her decision, she's been very undecided the past week or so, she's fluctuating between having the kidney out or doing nothing.  She and sis are seeing the Macmillan nurse tomorrow morning, so hopefully that will help her decide.  The consultant should also give her the results of her kidney function test last week - she was injected with something or other that apparently made her radioactive, she had to stay in the hospital for several hours following the injection, under strict orders to keep away from pregnant women and children and was only allowed to use one particular toilet!

The car boot sale yesterday was enormous, and absolutely packed, the sun obviously brought everyone out.  It wasn't very pleasant actually, it was like a giant scrum at the start (they didn't let anyone in until 10.00 on the dot) with masses of people crowding around the entrance, I felt quite closed in and claustrophobic.  Then when the organisers took down the ropes across the entrance way, everyone was pushing and shoving to get in, quite scary really.  And the whole thing was disappointing, at least half of the many sellers were professional traders, selling what was basically rubbish.  Both husband and I said we wouldn't go to that one again.  We couldn't even get near some of the sellers as there were so many people.  So if there were cardmaking supplies there, I didn't actually get to see any!  We'll stick to smaller village ones in future, hardly any professional traders and nicer things for sale.

Sending special wishes to Joy, who's having a worrying time with her parents at the moment.  Hope things are settled soon, Joy x


  1. What a strange idea for the boot sale, round here if you get there at 10 half the boots would be packing up to go home!
    Better luck elsewhere

  2. There are only 2 I know of (including this one) that don't allow buyers in until a fixed time....I guess it's to allow the sellers to set up in peace without all the early morning traders 'helping' you to unload your car! We had that happen to us once when we were selling, quite disconcerting and rude when strangers are reaching into your car boot and pulling things out.

  3. I have only ever been to one car boot sale, it was horrendous and I have never ventured to another one. Sorry you had such an experience.

    I hope your Mum feels confident with her decision after seeing the Consultant and the Nurse. Hugs. xx

  4. Here , U.S. , we have yard sales and garage sales, at your home, give out the address in local paper or online. Usually on Friday and Sat. So, the early birds are always part of that. Inconsiderate and pushy.
    Folks clean house and get new all the time , so good items can be found.
    The "boot" sale to me sounds intriguing . I do know it means car trunk, right?

  5. Your mum will love your card and the fact you made it specially for her. What a hard choice to make, maybe knowing the results of the test will help her to come to a decision. I am sure that if after she has decided she will still be able to change her mind within a reasonable time frame if she had doubts about it afterwards.
    What a pity about the boot sale. Hope you post a picture of your cards.

  6. I hope your mum feels more able to make a decision after she has seen the Macmillan nurse. Home made cards are special.


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