Tuesday 5 March 2019

It'll be alright....hopefully

Thank you all for your very kind comments...and to AKM Evans, thank you so much for the offer, amazingly kind considering we are strangers.  There are some lovely people in Blogland and I'm so grateful to be a part of it.

I think yesterday's diagnosis was a bit of a shock to us both - we were expecting him to be told it was arthritis and that it could be managed with medication, we weren't expecting an operation (well, two) and weeks out of action.  Having slept on it (well, laid awake thinking about it) and talked a lot, we do feel more positive about it now, although there are still concerns.  

To answer a few of your queries....taxis, dog walking and dog obedience classes all cost money that we don't have, we can't pay if we haven't got it.  Having looked at a few dog walking services in the area, the going rate seems to be around £12 an hour - well, dogs need walking every day so that's out of the question, although I may well consider having her professionally walked once a week.  Betty's been to 1-2-1 training classes regularly, when she was a puppy we took her for a 6 week course (we found an absolutely delightful trainer), and since then we've taken her for the odd refresher session every 4 or 5 months.  Betty is very wilful and stubborn, as well as being very strong - she understands all commands, she just chooses whether or not to obey them.  As she gets older, she is becoming more and more obedient, we (and her trainer) fully expect her to settle down into a lovely obedient dog in due course - although I'm sure she will always retain her spirit and liveliness, and I hope she does.  She still has a lot of growing up to do...after all, she's only 2 years 4 months and is in a 'teenage' phase right now.  Incidentally, the training classes are about 25 mins drive away, so not an option during husband's convalescence.

Although we have some nice neighbours, there is no one nearby who could walk Betty, even though a couple have offered - she's just too strong and wilful for them.

Husband's initial reaction was to pronounce that he won't be able to walk or do anything for the 8 week period - well of course he will, he'll just be on crutches.  And shopping won't be a I said, I can have it delivered, and between now and the op date I will make sure we're stocked up with everything.  The consultant said the waiting time is around 4 months, so we have plenty of time to prepare.

And our lovely neighbours will give us lifts if/when we need them.  There's just a bit of reluctance on our part to have to ask, nobody likes having to rely on other people or inconvenience them do they?

As for not being able to go out - I dare say we'll both be feeling quite stir-crazy after a few weeks, but it'll be summer and there'll be plenty to do in the garden...although husband will be a bit restricted in what he can do.


  1. My Motto, 'Everything passes', just keep saying that Sooze it will all be okay. Also get some jigsaws for hubby if he can't get about, they fill the time brilliantly.

  2. Our neighbour had to have help from lots of people due to daily visits to a hospital 1 hour away, for 8 weeks. Everyone who was able, shared the duty. I think age uk or similar offer a cheaper dog walking service. Once you ask, it gets easier and you can always make people a present as a thank you.

  3. Just shout if I'm needed.x

  4. The village where I go to WI has a volunteer helper/driver service for hospital visits, doctors, which sounds useful. Anything like that your way?

    1. Our village has a service like that. The WI also helps if anyone wants a lift to meeting.
      People are so kind but it takes a lot to ask somebody to help I know from my own experience.
      Hazel c uk

  5. People usually do like to help that is why so many do voluntary work. It's just that we don't like asking or being dependent on others. I'm sure things will work out and it will be good that your husband wont be in pain any more. Hope all goes well with your preparation.

  6. Oh dear, I only just caught up with our posts, so sorry to hear about your husband's foot pains. As if you didn't have enough to worry about! At least it looks that something can be done about it successfully and he will feel better.
    Hope all goes well for you both!

  7. I have faith in you. You always seem to work things out. Once you get time to breath a bit and get your mind working on options and solutions. You are a resourceful woman .


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