Saturday 21 September 2019

Shall I or shan't I?

Thanks for the comments, I've calmed down a bit now, especially since the consultant's secretary was so quick in offering husband another appointment....although it is 2 weeks away.  He's been suffering (and for the most part bravely just putting up with it and carrying on with life) for so long now, I just want him to be well.  He's had enough to contend with already with his heart failure, it's too bad that he has to put up with continual UTIs and associated problems as well.  

I'd ummed and ahhed about whether to submit the formal complaint to PALS, now that he's got the new appointment lined up.  But I think I will - having the appointment cancelled without telling us, and giving us no reason at all is just not good enough.  The hospital isn't close by - living where we do, nothing is close by - it's 10 miles away and takes 20 mins to get there (on a good day....but there's tons of roadworks going on along the route currently, which means it takes longer).  And there's all that wasted time as well as the fuel.  And the fact that, despite all the tests and scans husband's had, and all the meds he's been put on (and is still on), he's still got the UTI, it's never yet gone away, and he still hasn't seen one single specialist, they just seem to keep fobbing him off!  His GP is nice enough, but admits he doesn't know what to do for the best as he's not a specialist, he can't correctly or fully interpret the results of the tests and scans (he said that himself) and on a number of occasions he's had to ring the consultant for advice on what medications to give husband.  So I will do the email today.

I didn't take any painkillers last night before bed - deliberately, just to see how I coped through the night, and because I really don't like having to take drugs all the time.  Well, I didn't get a lot of sleep (there's a surprise) and this morning am in absolute agony, I could barely even stand up, let alone walk, when I first got out of bed.  Briony - yes I do think it's largely to do with my hip pain, I've not yet mentioned it to my GP but am guessing it's probably arthritis, and the hip pain is affecting my posture and therefore making my back ache more.  And I have the gut problems again this morning, feeling very nauseous.  Sometimes I think I can't even remember what it's like to feel well.

Never mind, we've got our neighbour friends in for dominoes and food tonight, I've done most of the food prep already so not much to do later.  We're going to a farmers market this morning, just to have a look really.  Whilst I'd be happy to regularly buy things from a farmers market and support local producers, am sorry to say we can't usually afford to, as they're so expensive.  I know they have to make a living, and good quality produce commands a high price, but it's generally more than we can afford to pay, sadly.  But no harm in looking, and we might be surprised.


  1. Hope you find some reasonably priced yummy stuff at the market and have a good time with friends tonight so all the health things get shifted to the back of your mind for a while

  2. You're right to make a complaint. Hope the pain eases as you get moving through the day. Maybe a little treat from the Farmer's Market is in order? I hate taking drugs, but sometimes you just have to. Hope you both get sorted out soon. It's a bit like swimming through treacle at times isn't it? xx

  3. Hi Sooze, we've been away on hols this week, so I'm just starting to catch up on blog reading. You've had a week of it, haven't you! I'd definitely do a PALS, especially considering your hubby hasn't seen a doctor yet in the appropriate department. Are you able to take anti inflammatories? If you are arthritic, it would definitely help. Hopefully your doc will get an x ray or scan done on your back/hip area. On to nicer things, how lovely to have a proper craft area to work at! I have a nice size cupboard to house my crafting stuff, but have to use the dining table. Enjoy the Farmers' Market and your get together with neighbours tonight:)

  4. I think a complaint is justified, I really do. Apart from the effects on you and 'him', it could be happening to others too. It just isn't good enough.

  5. I agree with all those who recommend reporting the 'crime'. You deserve better! xx


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