Monday 9 September 2019

Sleep helps!

Thank you for the comments, I slept a lot better last night....still woke up a few times but actually managed to stay in bed the whole night.  I feel better today too - not well, haven't felt well for weeks, but better than I have been feeling.  TA, bless you, I know you'd pamper me!

I made a couple of cards and stamped out a load of sentiments yesterday, ready for future cards.  One of the things I bought last week when I had my hour alone in town was one of those adult colouring books, 50p in a charity shop, along with some watercolour pencils.  Whilst I'm not an artist, can't draw or paint at all, colouring in pictures I'm sure will be achievable even for me!  I thought that I could cut out some of the pictures once coloured in and use them for card toppers.  I might have a go at that today, it's going to be an inside day as the weather is forecast to be bad, raining all day - it's very black out and the rain's just started.

Got a load more bruised apples to process and freeze.  Our tomatoes have now finally started to ripen, husband says there are going to be tons of them - good, they're so useful, I make loads of pasta sauces and soups to freeze for winter.

One of our neighbours is going to hospital for an op today, she's asked husband if he'll walk her 2 dogs for a few days, so he'll be getting plenty of exercise.  They're old dogs, both lovely, friendly and very quiet, Betty gets on well with them.  Although whether the 3 of them will walk on the leads nicely together remains to be seen!  Husband thinks they will and reckons he can cope with all 3 of them together, I'm not so sure, Betty's a lively teenager in comparison.  If it doesn't work out, then I'll take Betty by myself.


  1. Great minds think alike! I have also thought of using finished pictures from colouring books to use as toppers.

    That will be fun for your husband with three dogs.

  2. Good luck to husband, that's all I can say!
    Thank goodness the tomaoes are getting their act together at long last. You should get loads now.

  3. Have done adult coloring books for years
    Love them
    I use colored markers because the pencils are difficult with my arthritis! Just put one page behind the one I am coloring so it doesn't bleed onto another
    I prefer Sharpie brand but a little expensive and don't last long so I do try other brands. Enjoy!!!
    Love love love!!

  4. I'm sure you probably do this but if you oven roast tomatoes first, then freeze, they are even nicer.

  5. I'm so glad you're feeling better today. An indoor day of therapeutic crafting sounds just perfect. x

  6. Glad you've finally got a decent(ish) night's sleep. Long may it continue. I had a giggle picturing your hubby with 3 dogs. I hope they all behave themselves (the dogs I mean, not Hubby!). I have a couple of colouring books, and watercolour pencils. Nice to do a bit of mindful/mindless colouring, to shut out whatever's going on. xx

  7. A good nights sleep is always a help to feeling better. I had just settled down and the cat brought me a live mouse. After I'd cornered it, killed it and dropped it out of the bedroom window I was wide awake and then had a horrible night - retribution for killing mouse I guess!

  8. So glad you spent the night in bed and yes, I would pamper you!

    You might think that you can't paint and draw but I bet you will use the colours on your books perfectly, look at your crochet work! XOXO

  9. My mother just got over a UTI ,which wiped her out strengthwise. She had none of the usual symptoms of pain .A course of antibiotics and she said this morning she feels like a new woman.

  10. I find mindless colouring so relaxing, even 10 minutes a day-maybe when you can't sleep during the night. I'm sure this has probably been suggested before but have you tried taking melatonin? I haven't tried it myself but know people who do use it and say it really helps. Just a thought.

  11. Magnesium citrate 100 mg (1 tablet an hour before you go to bed) helps me. I have also tried a sleeping course with 10 (50+) other persons in a classroom. It was interesting, but didn't do much for me. Most of the tips I had tried already.


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