Saturday 30 November 2019

Not dying yet

Thanks for comments.  It appears Mum's not at end of life/palliative care stage yet, according to the hospital.  The reason she was moved to the cancer ward is that she needed to be put in isolation in a side room, and the cancer ward was the only place that had one free.  Mum's had diarrhoea with blood in it, and a minor nose bleed, and they were worried about infection.  She's had a comfortable night, with no further bleeding, and seems ok apparently.

The hospital say their aim is to get Mum back home when she's strong enough, with a more robust care package, and she's to have a hospital electric bed delivered too.  She's certainly having lots of aids and help given to her now (not before time, sis had to struggle and push to get anything before) - last week she had a new mattress delivered for her existing bed, some special thing to alleviate/help prevent bedsores.  She already has carers twice a day and the district nurse coming every other day, so I don't know what 'more robust' means, I dare say we'll find out in due course.

I seem to have settled into a pattern of sleeping for 4 or 5 hours initially, without waking up (or at least going straight back to sleep if I do wake up).  However, I wake up between 3 and 4 am every morning and find it impossible to get back to sleep, so end up getting up and going downstairs.  I'm grateful for having several hours of sleep most nights though.  My guts seem to have settled down today, thank goodness, I've been doubled up with pain the past few days.

We actually have a week next week with no medical stuff for either of us....amazing!  All we have on the calendar (so far) is to take Betty to the groomers on Tuesday.  I won't know what to do with myself.  Well, I think I'll take the opportunity to get on with some more cardmaking, I haven't done much lately, other than the odd one here and there when required.  I've got some new watercolour pencils I'd like to experiment with....will be interesting, seeing as I've hardly done any artwork or drawing before, don't even know if I can draw!  Will watch a few tutorials first.

I'd ordered another bottle of CBD oil from a reputable online company with very good reviews, it was supposed to come via 48-hour tracked and signed for delivery.  It didn't arrive, so I got in touch with the company, who were very apologetic and arranged for another bottle to be sent, on next day delivery.  It duly arrived the next day.  Several days later, the originally ordered bottle turned up (it had the original order date on the package) - goodness knows where it had been.  I asked the company what they wanted me to do with it....they said to keep it with their compliments.  How nice of them!  So I now have 3 bottles of the stuff, enough to keep me going for months.


  1. Glad Mum's a bit better. I expect the more robust care package means more frequent visits from the district nurses, and maybe a more frequent review of her meds. You won't know what to do with yourself next week without hospital/GP visits! Good news about the CBD oil, it seems to be working for you, so you've now got a good supply. It's nice when a company values its customers. xx

  2. Two lots of good news then with your Mum and a 'free' bottle of CBD oil. I do hope that it continues to help you.

    Sending hugs! XOXO

  3. So pleased to hear your positive results with CBD. Is the reputable company one I have seen but one has to pay by Bank Transfer? They have great reviews but I am wary of this payment method but if it is the one you are using I would be happy to give them a go.

  4. As above comments really pleased to hear your good news. Hope your mum is home soon with increased care. It must be such a worry for you.
    I didn't mean to alarm you with my mention of palliative care - my grans palliative care went on for over a year so didn't mean you to think anything was imminent regarding your mum only that she would be in good hands on that ward. My MIL got placed on a gynaecological ward that had the only bed available and experienced dreadful care as they did not understand her needs as she had Parkinsons and dementia and they were only trained in post op nursing. x


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