Wednesday 21 July 2021

Back to the van for a few days

 Betty was supposed to be going to the groomers this afternoon, but it's been postponed until next week - by them - they're having to self isolate, having been pinged by T&T.  We're hearing of so many people that's happening to now, bleeding nuisance.  Ah well, means we can go off to the caravan this afternoon rather than tomorrow morning.

I slept better last night, although was still up early - just before 5 am.  Which was fine actually, as it meant I could put the oven on before it gets too hot in the kitchen and roast a chicken.  Once it's cold, I'll portion it up and wrap it to take with us, it gives us several meals and means I don't have much to do in the way of cooking, I did it last week too.  We'll have it cold with salad a couple of times, as a pasta bake for another meal, and some for sandwiches (and for Betty).  

Yesterday at the van we cleared out the small bedroom.  One thing we haven't done as yet - there's a small child's bunk bed attached to the wall, it's a fold down one.  I'd like it taken out really, but husband's a bit unsure as to how to do it, he can't see how it's actually fixed to the wall.  He'll have another look today, it'd be good if he could get it off before I start painting in there.

I'm still undecided about the artificial grass - opinions seem divided as to whether it stays cool or gets too hot underfoot in hot weather.  It would be nice to have a good looking 'lawn', even if a fake one (the current lawn is terrible - weedy, patchy and really lumpy and uneven), and not having to mow would be a great advantage, of course.  One good thing about Betty - she doesn't like the heat, although she does go outside a few times a day, she's only ever out there for about 10 minutes at the most, and she generally lays in the shade.  Here at home we have a table and chairs under a gazebo, at the van there's a big round wooden table on the patio area, with a big parasol - she lays underneath the tables in the shade and goes back indoors when she's had enough.  She is quite sensible in that way.

Better get on, food and clothes to pack.


  1. We have had our fake grass for 4 years, our grandsons regularly run bare feet on it and our cats are always laying on it. The guys who laid it for us, insisted we had a good thick layer of sand underneath, which I think helps keep it cool. I have never walked on our with bare feet and found it too hot.

  2. Oh, this flippin' 'pingdemic'. Yes, I get that it's probably a Good Thing but it does feel very Big Brother-ish. I've taken to leaving my phone at home when I go out!
    I'm not a great fan of artificial grass, I have to admit, but I can see it's usefulness in situations like yours.


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