Wednesday 28 July 2021

D-day and power supply

 Dentist day today.  I know what the treatment will be like, as I've already had it twice before, and the extra complication of a tooth out today will add to the discomfort.  I'll take one of my anti-anxiety pills and a couple of paracetamol before I go this afternoon.  That's all I can do really.  Must remember to take a bottle of water with me, in case they're still not allowing mouth rinses! (how ridiculous is that).

Got washing in the tumble dryer, not ideal but showers are forecast all day today, again.  Next door has had a load of washing out for the past 2 days.....keeps drying in brief sunny spells, then gets soaked again.  Don't know why they don't take it in!  Mind you, she was out at work all day yesterday, her OH was in but I guess, being a man, he just didn't think to take it in.  I've got another load to go on overnight, it's supposed to be sunny tomorrow with no rain (we shall see), so hopefully it can be line dried tomorrow.

When I first organised the electricity supply to the caravan and set up the direct debit, the supplier wanted £65 a month - I immediately queried it in an online chat with them, saying that was a ridiculous amount as it was a holiday caravan and we'd only be there for around 2 weeks a month, for just 8 months of the year.  Their answer was basically....well we have to start somewhere, you'll only ever get charged for the amount you actually use, and you can adjust your payment amount after your first bill.  Fair enough, although I still think they just plucked an arbitrary (high) figure out of the air.  Well, we've just had our first bill in.....just over £10!  and that was with husband using umpteen power tools a lot, which he obviously won't be doing now.  So I've downsized the monthly payment to £5, and as we're over £50 in credit with them, that should pay our bills for the next year or two!  And our home supply will cost us less too, seeing as we won't be there using it whilst we're at the van.

Husband's bought himself a weed control tool.....a flame thrower gun tackle the jungle that is the back garden.  Boys and their toys 😒  What is it with men and fire?  Must be a caveman thing 😂  Still, so long as it keeps him happy, does the job - and he doesn't set himself or his shed/polytunnel alight!!

Right, I'm off to mince some chicken breasts to make this sort of cottage pie, just in case I feel like eating something tonight (doubtful), otherwise tomorrow.  Betty's going to the groomer this afternoon, finally, as it was postponed before because of that damn 'ping' app.  She really needs to go, her claws desperately need cutting and she hates me doing it.


  1. Tony would love a flame thrower to zap weeds with. That is a good idea for his birthday or Christmas.

  2. Hope the dentist isn't too traumatic. Didn't get round to commenting on the previous post so just to say that I too have been enjoying your caravan journey and it isn't boring at all.

  3. Hope all went well at the dentist.
    Funny about the direct debit electric thing as £65 was what Scottish power wanted for me here too - must be a popular amount! I decided against DD until I know what the winter costs will be

  4. I hope the trip to the dentist goes well. I used to be petrified of the dentist as a child, I had a very unsympathetic dentist who just made me worse. In the end, my mum took me to the school dentist and she was brilliant, all my fear disappeared. I've been absolutely fine seeing the dentist since then until just recently, I seem to get more nervous each time I go now. I think it's an age thing.

  5. I hope the dentist trip wasn't too traumatic, and you're able to eat something. And I hope your hubby enjoys his new toy!😁 xx

  6. I definitely look forward to reading about the caravan, so please show us lots of photos of the interior now that it's finished. Then there will be the garden . . . and maybe your feller wielding his flaming weed killer!!

  7. You've done so well with facing your fears and going with it. Good for you.


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