Wednesday, 7 July 2021

Bedroom being done, and a card

 We were taking the horrible old bed out yesterday morning, prior to painting the bedroom.  Husband took the mattress out - on closer inspection, it was truly disgusting, no way could (or would!) we have slept on it.  When he lifted up the divan base, we found piles of rubbish underneath it - tons of used tissues, bits of paper, old receipts, a pair of scissors, a small toolbox complete with tools and - yuck!!! - several dirty socks and underpants, much to my utter disgust.  Once that was all picked up (with rubber gloves on, by husband), I filled the Vax up twice, vacuuming the terribly dusty carpet.  

I'd decided that rather than attempting to steam clean the filthy stained padded headboard, we'd just use a Stanley knife and cut it off the wall, or as much of it as we could, so husband did that.  He got all the material and padded sponge off, leaving just a 2cm thick piece of chipboard, which appears to be screwed to the wall from the outer side, so no chance of getting that off.  Doesn't matter, I'll stick with my plan of covering it with the leftover material from the new (long) curtains, it'll be easy enough to staple or even glue it in place on the chipboard.  The new bed is a metal framed one with a headboard, so we don't actually need a padded headboard on the wall, the material will just nicely cover the chipboard up.

We painted all the walls in the same dove grey we've used in the lounge - as it's a small room we did it fairly quickly, we'll see today if it needs a second coat.  The Venetian blind in there is also broken - most of them throughout the caravan are - so I'll be buying yet more net curtaining.  The bedroom looks nice now with freshly painted walls and a reasonably clean carpet.  We're not changing the carpet, will just get a couple of small rugs to go each side of the bed.

Husband couldn't finish the kitchen yesterday - all he has to do is fit an end panel to the worktop, but it needed cutting to size at home, only he didn't cut it the right size (normal for him!! 😒).  So he had to bring it home to cut a bit more off.....fortunately, he cut it too big, not too small - that would have been very annoying.  He's also got some pipes to box in.

Today we're doing the 2nd coat in the bedroom, if it needs it, then thoroughly cleaning the bathroom, which clearly hadn't been cleaned for ages by the previous (in poor health) owners.  Husband has the new vinyl flooring to lay in the bathroom.  The walls need painting (in a lovely aqua bathroom paint, which we've already got) in the next few days.  The gas man is coming to fit the new part to the boiler, it shouldn't take him long.

Things are moving along quite rapidly now, thank goodness.

Oh, here's a card I made the other day, drawn continuing my theme of monochrome with one feature colour:-


  1. Yuck! That must feel better getting rid of all the grubby mess. Can't wait to see the transformation. The birthday card is lovely. What a talented lady you are! xx

  2. How horrible. How can anyone leave a place in that state under the bed. No wonder you were utterly disgusted.

    However, you are accelerating away now - you're both doing brilliantly!

    And that card is beautiful. xx

  3. Drawing coming along nicely. Gosh, how dirty the bed sounded.

  4. Lovely card!

    Glad the gifts left under the bed have been dealt with, makes you shudder doesn't it.

    You're making fantastic progress so hopefully you'll be able to relax soon and enjoy the new venue! x

  5. It sounds like you are just about ready to enjoy the caravan after all the hard work you and your husband have done to make it livable for you. Yay! You are a very talented artist. I wish I could draw but I am hopeless at it.

  6. I really like your style on the cards with the one color idea.
    Now , no worrying on cleanliness in the van. You will be SO pleased when all is done and looks like new.


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