Friday, 30 July 2021


 My first drawings for the caravan:-

The last one is a drawing I'd done a while ago, I just freshened it up a bit and added a bit more detail before framing.  The three of them are destined for the 2nd bedroom (where I sleep).

And here's where Betty sleeps at the end of my bed (although she starts off actually on my bed, but then gets in her own after a while, thank goodness.....she weighs a ton when she's lying on my feet):-


  1. I love the drawings and they look like they'll fit in perfectly with your bedroom decor. Betty looks like she approves of the sleeping arrangements! xx

  2. The drawings will look lovely with your bedroom decor. Very nice!! Oh my goodness - Betty is a big dog, lol. I bet she would be heavy laying on your bed, and you :)

  3. They are so nice
    Love them

  4. So talented, the drawings are beautiful.

    God bless.

  5. Lovely artwork < grin > which will look great at the caravan.

    I wouldn't like a dog that size on me - I'm glad she sleeps on the floor (mostly).

  6. I wish I could draw like you. Those drawings are beautiful and you framed them so nicely.

  7. Gorgeous! Betty just wants to make sure your feet are warm.:)
    You have great talent woman. I wish I could draw . Look forward to more your bedroom looks peaceful.
    They would make lovely gifts.

  8. Your bedroom looks lovely with that colour scheme, and how lovely to have Betty guarding you overnight.


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