Thursday 1 July 2021

A quick photo

 Here's the dining area as it was when we first bought the caravan:-

The seating was very uncomfortable, and the fabric horrible.  The table was warped and uneven, so we wanted it all out.  Here it is in the process of being ripped out:-

Betty inspecting the progress!  And here it is now, with new table & chairs, nice new crockery cupboard, new carpet and nets in place (we left the back wooden framework in place to stabilise the walls, and because it was less work to leave it there!):-

We're so pleased with it, I think it looks lovely.  I've got new curtains to put up, they need shortening though as I mentioned before, I'll be having a day at home tomorrow to do that, whilst husband and his mate spend the day at the van fitting the kitchen.


  1. Way better well done. You are both working so hard.

  2. What a transformation! No wonder you're pleased. It looks so fresh, clean, modern and comfy. Well done! xx

  3. You are both doing a good job and it will not be long before you can stay in the caravan for awhile.
    Hazel 🌈🌈

  4. That looks really nice, well done to both of you.

  5. Oh, my word, what a difference. You have made it look really lovely, fresh and clean. So attractive. Well done.

  6. Goodness what a difference. You are really doing a great job.

  7. That looks so much better. good work.

  8. Well done you two. I cant imagine doing all that work. I always travel to caravan holidays on a Sunday as we find the traffic less and it is always an enjoyable ride.

    Hope you all enjoy many happy years there

  9. Wow! What a transformation and so so so much better. Well done.

  10. Oh my but that looks nice. What a difference. Very, very nice! I could you and your husband at my house:)

  11. Replies
    1. Nets - net curtains. I wouldn't normally have nets up at the windows, I don't at home. But I've chosen to have them at the caravan for screening purposes, as the neighbouring caravans are quite close, and Betty goes 'on guard' and woofs if she sees people outside near the caravan, the nets obscure her view a bit.

  12. It looks delightful. You wouldn't know it was the same space.


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