Friday, 30 July 2021

Some fun stuff

 I didn't get round to doing any drawing yesterday, busy doing other things.  I did do a bit of research on the sort of flowers I want to draw to go in the caravan, though.  Bought several pretty frames in a couple of charity shops, some brand new and still in their cellophane wrappings.  I'll be doing some drawings today.  I was challenged yesterday when in town about wearing my mask - some rude old man who barked 'what you wearing that for?  the rule doesn't apply anymore'.  I just said 'It's personal choice - if I choose to protect you and you choose not to protect me, well we each have our own conscience!'.  He just stared at me with his mouth open (fortunately not too close to me!).

Having had several doses of pain meds yesterday and slept quite well last night, my shoulders are now feeling much better......hip is still just as painful though.  Quite surprised I slept so well, as there was apparently a howling gale through the night, it kept husband awake and this morning our garden furniture was scattered around the garden, along with several pots.  Our gazebo is only just managing to survive, it's well anchored down but is bending sideways quite alarmingly.  Husband has been out and tied it to the fence, which has made it a bit more stable.  If we took the canvas roof off, the frame would be fine.  It's forecast to be very windy all day today, calming down tonight.

As well as finishing off the last few jobs in the caravan the next time we go, we're also (finally) going to be doing some fun things.  There's a very nice independent garden centre a short distance away, which our fellow residents say is lovely and not overpriced, so we'll be going there to get some plants for the caravan garden.  And there's a Thursday market with local artisan bakers, crafts people, cheesemakers, farmers produce etc in the next village, so we'll go and have a look at that.  And one of the days husband will be leaving Betty and I in the caravan and going out for brunch with one of his mates - the one who helped him fit the caravan kitchen, husband is treating him to say thank you.  So they'll have a nice male bonding session, with a big Wetherspoons cooked breakfast, and Betty and I will have a peaceful few hours in the caravan - win win all round.


  1. Never fails to amaze me why so many of the unmasked are offended by the sight of the masked.

  2. Good response from you to the ignoramus without a mask. None of his business. Looking forward to seeing your new artwork, framed and in situ. Sounds like there's some nice things to look forward to at the caravan site. I just hope the weather dries up for it. Us Brits are never happy are we? It's either too hot, too cold, too wet, too dry. Very rarely is it just right!😂

  3. I think it makes them feel guilty so they react with indignant offence. Great response from you, I will remember that in case I need it although round here there are many more people still wearing masks in the shops than not.

    I hope you had fun with your garden centre hunt. xx


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