Tuesday, 6 July 2021


 I'm having sleepless nights at the moment (just for a change!) worrying about everything that needs to be done for our move into the caravan.  Which is daft really, I know - there's no pressure, it's not set in stone, we don't HAVE to move in on any particular date.....just that we have other appointments coming up here at home, so working out when we can stay over in the caravan (and get on with the rest of the work whilst there) means some juggling of dates is necessary.  So it's not critical - but try telling my brain that!!

There's just so much to do and think about and gathering of stuff together to take over there - it's just like a house move, but on a smaller scale - and all this whilst doing a complete renovation too.  It's wearing me out, frankly.  I think I need a few days off.  

There's other things going on too - we have an electrician coming here (to our home) today, to do a full electrical service and check, landlord's orders, it's going to take several hours, apparently.  We're going to the caravan once he's arrived and just leaving him to it....I'm not really keen on leaving workmen (complete strangers) alone in the house, but needs must - if we were here, we'd just be in the way (or he'd be in our way) and presumably he'd have to have the electricity turned off (or keep switching it on and off) so that would interfere with anything we could do here anyway.  We'll be leaving him a key, I just hope he remembers to lock up when he leaves.

I was supposed to be going to the chiropodist yesterday, but she wasn't well and had to reschedule it for next week, which meant I had to juggle a few other things around.  I also have a dentist appointment next week for some major work, which I'm dreading and is already preying on my mind.  The physiotherapy for my sore back and hip was supposed to restart in June - they'd temporarily suspended all physio as the staff had all been commandeered to help out with Covid vaccinations instead.  However, yesterday I had a letter from them saying they're currently snowed under and have no idea when my appointments can start up again.  So I've just got to put up with the pain, which is much worse lately, for x number of weeks to come.  I'm also awaiting a first physio appointment for another, unrelated problem - who knows when I'll get that?

I just feel really stressed by everything at the moment.....wish I could be more like husband who breezes through life with hardly a care in the world.  I know all the caravan stuff will be SO worth it in the end, I do love it already.  It's just such a lot of work right now, although husband does the bulk of the physical alteration works, it's me who has to organise everything.  Case in point.....when we were leaving here yesterday to go to the caravan, husband sauntered out to the car carrying.....a drill, and sat there in the car with the engine running waiting for me.  Whereas I was loaded up like a packhorse with about 6 bags, including our packed lunch which I'd just made, and had to juggle all the bags to get a hand free so I could lock the front door.  The bags were all sat in the hallway by the door, so husband could have taken some of them to the car.....but was oblivious!!! (Men, huh!).  At least now the new fridge has been installed at the caravan, I can leave cheeses, cold meats, milk etc in it, so no need for me to prepare packed lunches to take anymore.  But of course the fridge has to be stocked me.  I even have to remind husband to take whatever tools he needs, plus his glasses, wallet, phone, dog lead etc - he nearly always forgets.

And the personal stuff we have going on at the moment is not getting any better, so that's an added stress.


  1. It's awful when there's too much stuff to think about and everything whizzed around inside trying to find a mental shelf or cupboard and failing miserably. It's a self perpetuating circle, isn't it? Not enough sleep means more restless thought and the other way round too. I do sympathise. xxx

  2. As another poor sleeper, I sympathise. And as someone whose husband has been known to leave the house, to go somewhere in the car, and forgotten his car key, and frequently forgets his glasses, I sympathise! xx

  3. He's got used to you thinking of everything, hasn't he? He doesn't need to remember anything at all.


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