Friday, 9 July 2021

All ready to move in

 Thanks for the comments all of you lovely readers.  Oh and Gemma's P, yes husband went off to get the mattress on his own - fortunately, it came rolled up like a giant cigar packed tightly in a big plastic bag, so he could get it comfortably inside the car, so that was good!  So no I wasn't needed to have my arm through the window clinging onto the mattress on the roof πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ (much to my relief).

Whilst husband was gone, I unpacked 4 big plastic lidded storage boxes and 2 cardboard boxes and put everything away - now the lounge is looking clear and tidy again and things are in their proper place in all the cupboards.  So for the next few weeks, husband will constantly be asking me where everything is πŸ˜’πŸ˜‚ (he can't find anything unless it's literally right in front of his face).

Getting the mattress in the bedroom, the topper on and making the bed was, erm, interesting.....the bedroom is quite cramped.  Not that it bothers me, it's only the bedroom, we'll only be sleeping in it.  I'm pleased that the lounge is quite large and spacious, for a caravan, as obviously that's where we'll be spending most of our time, or outside in the garden.

The bedroom when we bought the van - the filthy cushions were hiding the horrible brown stains on the headboard.

Betty clearly approves of the new bed - she jumped on it as soon as we'd finished making it.  The headboard is a bit of a work in progress - we should have covered it before we put the bed in there, but totally forgot (schoolboy error), and there's not much room at all now the bed's made.  Anyway, within the limited space we started covering the headboard with the excess material I'd cut off the new long curtains, I was holding it in place whilst husband used his super duper electric staple gun to fix it down.  Except.....the bloody thing gave up the ghost after just 4 staples 😝, so we had to make do with double sided tape for the rest, and it's a bit skew whiff because the damn tape was sticking to everything including us and we had such a tiny bit of space to do it in and we were getting frustrated!!!  You get the picture lol.  Anyway, it'll do for now, it's better than the bare chipboard which is all that's left of the horrible headboard.

Got home, took all the empty boxes out of the car, put some washing on and then went straight out again to do the shopping, both for the weekend away and some for next week as the fridge here is bare having not had time to go shopping this week, and we're busy next week.  Home to put all the shopping away whilst husband nipped out to get fish and chips.  Andddd relax!!

Having an early night, then up early to pack the clothes and food and then we're off!  

Tomorrow we'll make a start on decorating the bathroom, but from here on in we're taking things a lot easier, so if it gets done, all well and good - if not, then that's fine, we've got plenty of time now.  I'm taking books and magazines, husband's taking his new TV and some DVDs - I just hope he can get it tuned in and working properly, or he'll be lost πŸ˜‚


  1. Betty obviously thinks the bed is comfy! I'm sure you'll have a lovely first weekend at the caravan, and if nothing gets done, so what? You both deserve a rest. Put your feet up and enjoy! xx

  2. How fantastic. You and 'Him' have done brilliantly to get so far in such a short time. Fingers crossed for tuning in the telly!

  3. Looking so good, when can I move in??


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