Monday, 19 July 2021

'Freedom' day - huh, too hot anyway

 Already too hot again, I'm not going to get much done for the next few days, as the forecast is for the same level of heat for at least another 2 or 3 days.  It just makes me feel so lethargic, even more so since it's too uncomfortable to sleep at night.

Have to go to the frozen food warehouse this morning to stock up on freezer food - at least it'll be nice and cool in there!  And the aisles are nice and wide and it never seems to be busy, so it's (almost) a pleasure to shop in there.

'Freedom' day today, when most restrictions are lifted and we can more or less choose how we want to live our lives from now on.  The reality for us is that nothing much will change - we will still be wearing masks in shops or anywhere crowded - not that we go to crowded places anyway.  I wouldn't travel on a bus or train if you paid me.  Nor will we be going to any big sporting events or concerts and won't be going for a meal or drink inside a restaurant or pub....although we might do it in outside spaces, if the tables are well spaced apart.  One of my biggest pleasures pre-Covid was going out for coffee and cake in cafe gardens, I do miss that, so we might cautiously start doing that again.  As for cuddling - well, I am a big fan of least, I was before Covid!  But I'm much more wary now, there are only a very few close friends or family I would be happy to hug.  And I will still be using antibac gel in shops etc, and the one we keep in the car as soon as I get back in it.  That seems only sensible to me - the gel must protect us from all sorts of nasties, not just Covid.

As for Boris and Rishi backtracking on whether or not they'll self isolate - frankly, I don't really care what they do.  What I find most annoying, though, is all these bloody politicians who preach at us that we should/shouldn't be doing this, that or the other - but do the exact opposite themselves!  Why the hell do they expect us to 'do what we're told' when they don't?  It seems to be the same with a lot of celebrities, or those with more money than they know what to do with - like Mick Jagger e.g., who apparently was going to be fined, erm £10,000 I think it was, because he didn't isolate when he flew back here from wherever it is he lives abroad, but went straight to the football final.  £10k is peanuts to him, so it clearly doesn't matter whatsoever in his mind to flout the rules.

A close relative, who is a tour guide in Cornwall and has just started working again after more than a year of not being able to (and not getting any furlough money as his business was too new and fell outside the furlough rules) was pinged by Track and Trace recently and had to self isolate for 8 days, cancelling several booked tours and losing several hundred pounds in the process, money he can ill afford to lose.  And he can't get that back, or rearrange the tours - they're tourists on holiday, they've all gone back home now!  And he is double-jabbed and takes lateral flow tests twice a week, all of which have been negative.  Crazy.  I bet he'd like to poke some of the politicians in the eye with a sharp stick 😈

Right, that's my soapbox bit done for the day 😂


  1. I wholeheartedly agree with you. We'll continue to wear masks, sanitise and social distance for the foreseeable future. We didn't like crowds pre-Covid, so no change there. As long as we can see, hug and kiss our close family, that'll do. As for politicians - just don't get me started! All the talk of "data not dates" is just pure b******s! The data shows cases, hospitalisations and deaths are growing exponentially, yet still we're opening everything up! Aaaaaaaargh! xx

  2. I think the majority of the population feel the same way as you, Sooze, but we are expected to follow The Great Ones mindless bumblings (even though he considers himself far too important to also follow the Covid precautions.} I just pray the double jab will offer decent protection and that's not a pipe dream as well. Who knows? I've almost reached the point of not caring any more - I just want my life back.


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