Friday 2 July 2021

Kitchen going in, and curtain shortening the easy way

 Thank you so much for all the lovely comments.  We've just discovered the caravan is 31 or 32 years old - wow, a real old lady.....I'd guesstimated it at around 25 years.  It's in amazingly sound condition for its age, even more amazing is the fact that there's no damp - it's obviously been unoccupied for nearly 2 years and not well maintained for a couple of years prior to that, as the previous owners were old and in poor health.  It's just grubby and very old fashioned looking, so we're dragging it into the 21st century!

Husband is there with his mate, they've already put together the kitchen units (flat packed) and are currently laying the vinyl flooring in the kitchen, prior to installing the units.  They then need to cut out the holes in the new worktop for the sink unit and fit that, and then fit the worktop, finally sealing all edges with silicone.  I hope they get it all done successfully today, but there's always tomorrow to finish off if not.  It's only a small galley kitchen - one double base unit, one drawer unit and a single half height base cupboard for the table top cooker to go on - so they should do.  Husband's mate is not a kitchen fitter, but he frequently helps out his son in law, who IS a kitchen fitter, and he's also good at carpentry, so he knows what he's doing.

I made a start on shortening the curtains here at home, cut the first one to size, ironed the hem to make a crease and then put in the wonderweb stuff and ironed it in place.  Except it didn't stick - at all.  I assume it's because of the coating on the back of the curtains....they've got a thermal and dimming layer on the back, some kind of special coating, and the wonderweb just doesn't want to stick to it.  Oh bugger, I thought, that means having to hand sew 7 pairs of curtains.....But then I remembered I have a can of spray on craft glue, it says it's for all sorts of craft work, including some fabrics.  So I tried it, and it works fantastically well, and is so much quicker and easier than messing around with the webbing stuff.

There was a phone call here at 10 am, for husband - it was his physiotherapist, he was supposed to be having a phone physio session with her for his foot.  Only he'd obviously forgotten about it, hadn't mentioned it to me and hadn't put it on the calendar, so I clearly couldn't remind him seeing as it was the first I'd heard of it!  Honestly, he's a nightmare 😒


  1. Usually you shorten curtains from the top as it is so much easier especially if they are lined.

    However, you have managed with your craft glue. Well done!

  2. It'll be great when you get the kitchen sorted, and by the sounds of it, that won't be too long! Good thinking on the craft glue. Much easier than hand sewing. Hope your hubby can re-arrange his physio appointment - and let you know when it is!!! xx

  3. At least the kitchen photo is neat after they are done this time.
    Foot physio by phone...good gravy, how would that even work?

  4. Oooops - ah, well, it happens from time to time, doesn't it.
    Well done on your lateral thinking!


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