Thursday, 29 July 2021

A drawing day

 Didn't sleep at all well last night (having to get up for the loo 3x didn't help.....must have been all the water I drank yesterday after the dentist visit), and my shoulders are really painful - just shows how tensed up I was at the dentists.  So I'm not doing anything much today.  Might do a bit of drawing, and have some lists to make for the next caravan visit.  Tuna salad for lunch, and dinner will be homemade chilli from the freezer and a jacket wait, husband's home grown new potatoes are ready, so it'll be those.

I want some picture frames for my artwork (seems pretentious calling it 'artwork' - I wouldn't call myself an artist at all, I just like drawing, flowers mainly), so will have to visit a few charity shops, they generally have plenty.

Sun is shining and there was a beautiful sunrise this morning.  Yesterday we had several torrential downpours, really hammering it down - whilst waiting in the car at the dentist (we got there a bit early, and you're not allowed in until your actual time) it was absolutely chucking it down yet there was bright sunshine too - weird!

We did our shopping Tuesday - I would say 2/3 of people were still wearing masks, me included, the rest weren't.  And there were LOADS of gaps on the shelves, it was just like the start of lockdown when everyone was panic buying (or was it Brexit panic buying?  I can't remember now).  Anyway, I didn't notice anyone stockpiling toilet rolls (or anything else), just sighs of exasperation from people at the empty shelves.  It's to do with lack of staff at the warehouses and delivery depots, I think - so many people being pinged by that damn app.  I know several people who have said they've deleted it off their phones now, and I can't say I blame them (I never downloaded it in the first place).

Husband has just got up, so peace is about to be shattered as the TV will go straight on ....perhaps I'll hide the remote 😂😒


  1. A day drawing sounds ideal. I'm having my boobs squashed this morning, always fun - NOT! Wet and windy here today. I've got loads of washing to do but might wait until tomorrow, it might be dry by then. I don't have a smart phone, so no pinging for me. Mind you, I try not to go anywhere busy and keep my distance from others, so hopefully I wouldn't get pinged anyway. My hubby's the same as yours. First thing he does is switch on the TV. I don't get it!! Hope the shoulders ease up. Take it easy. xx

    1. Oh I don't envy you the boob squashing, not fun at all. Apart from the fact that it hurts, it's all the manhandling by a complete stranger when you're half naked that I'm not keen on!

  2. It IS artwork and it's lovely, Sooze.
    I'm sorry your shoulders are still painful. If you can taker it, Ibuprofen can make a bit difference.
    I read that you can't put all the shortages down to pings. It's also rather more long lasting effects of Brexit. Everything is slower and more held up. I suppose it should sort out in time.

    1. Unfortunately, I can't take anti-inflammatories....I'm sure the aching will wear off quite soon. I do hope the shortages do come to an end soon, whatever is causing it.

  3. I was told by our local supermarket that 65% of their staff are isolating at the moment! We live in a holiday area so the shelves are always a bit empty through the summer but this year it is much worse

  4. We are still having empty shelves here in the U.S. as well. So it isn't just Brexit.
    The govt here is paying people more not to work than to go to the lower paying jobs of delivery and food workers. Till they stop paying them to not work , we will have shortages of workers for jobs.
    Some of our states and or bigger cities are going back to mask mandates inside buildings.

  5. No empty shelves here as of yet, but I believe that once this years grain harvest is in there will be flour, pasta and cereal shortages.

    Will you share your drawings with us.

    God bless.


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