Wednesday, 7 July 2021

Bedroom almost ready to sleep in!

 Thanks so much for the lovely comments, you're all so kind.

It's been a busy day today, with horrendous weather at times.  Typical British weather really - warm sunshine and blue sky one minute, absolutely torrential rain the next.  Betty didn't much like the sound of the rain hammering on the roof, it spooked her a bit, but she got used to it quite quickly.  One good thing about being in the caravan whilst it was raining so hard - we could check to see whether it was leaking anywhere....nope, dry as a bone, I'm pleased to say.  And a big advantage of our pitch is that it's high up (the site is terraced and on a hill, the lower slopes of the Mendips), so no chance of flooding where we're situated.  We also have a thick bank of trees and hedging right behind our van, so it's quite sheltered anyway.

The gas man came and fitted the new part to the boiler, so it's all done and working fine now.  We started off by thoroughly cleaning all the cupboards and drawers in the bedroom, including inside them - they were all filthy, as expected.  We then painted the ceiling - the walls are fine with just one coat.  Incidentally, we're using Wilko's own emulsion paint and I'd recommend it - very thick, goes on smoothly and covers well for a budget paint.  Vacuumed the carpet again, polished the 2 mirrors and all done - I can say I'm very happy with the bedroom now and will be content to sleep in there in the knowledge that it's all clean and fresh and we won't catch anything nasty!

Husband has decided to collect the new bed in 2 parts - the metal frame tomorrow, then the mattress on Friday.  At least that means we can put the frame together tomorrow, ready for the mattress to go straight on it on Friday.

We also fitted the kitchen window blind - had to cut it both length and width first, which went smoothly (for a change!).  Husband fitted the end panel of the kitchen worktop/unit, which he'd cut correctly this time.  He's just got a small area of pipework to box in and that's the kitchen finished - for now.  We still have the wall cupboards to paint white, but that'll get done probably next week whilst we're staying there.

We didn't get time to clean the bathroom (had to leave the park early as we had a couple of things to pick up in town), so that's on the list for tomorrow.  Husband and Betty are both snoring on the sofa here at home.....I'd join in if I didn't have dinner to cook and washing to put on 😂😒

The site owner said he had a peek through the van windows and is very impressed at what we've done - I'd told him when we bought it that he'd be in for a pleasant surprise!


  1. It's all coming together so quickly now. I'm glad you've got the horrors in the bedroom out of the way! I bet you're itching to stay there - not long to wait. You have so many happy times to come, I feel it in my bones! xx

  2. You are painting such a lovely picture for me. I can almost see that lovely van coming together.

  3. Wonder if you should give him the full tour when you are done?


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