Wednesday, 28 July 2021

Done and dusted

 Well, I didn't have the wobbly tooth out, nor the gum treatment.....all that build up of anxiety for nothing.  I have no idea why she didn't do brain freezes up with fear so I don't really take in anything much she says.  Not only that, she wears a huge thick black mask with a clear face shield over the top of it, so as I'm partly deaf, I can hardly hear a word she says anyway.  I just had my teeth cleaned, and another mould taken of my lower jaw with that horrible pink rubber stuff....apparently it didn't work very well last time.  And I still wasn't allowed to rinse my mouth out!!  Although this time she did give me a tissue to spit all the stray rubber bits into.  I do understand all the Covid precautions, but honestly, they're very OTT there.  Not allowed to sit in the waiting room or use the loo either.  All I know is I have another appointment in a fortnight's time, I think to take the tooth out.

Oh, she did say I apparently have another 2 loose teeth, and did I want her to take them out at the same time as the other one?  Erm, no thanks!  The 2 teeth she mentioned don't actually feel very loose to me, so they can stay where they are.

My shoulders feel like I've been carrying a ton of bricks on them.....tension I expect.

Still, it's over for another fortnight.


  1. Our dentist is the same, we text to say we have arrived and we wait on car until they text to say we can come in.

  2. Not sure whether to congratulate or sympathise. It's good that you didn't have the tooth out or gum treatment, but not so good that you have to go back. Maybe you could ask her to write down what she needs to do, if you explain that the combination of masks and hearing loss means you don't get the full picture. I think I'd forgo having the other 2 teeth out, too. Three at once is a bit OTT if not an emergency! xx

  3. My husband just had four teeth removed from his lower jaw. One was practically hanging by it's last thread. Removing them all at once is more cost effective.

    The four extractions and making the bridge is just over $6,300. Our dental insurance won't cover all of it.

  4. You're not allowed to use the toilet??? It would be no good me going there because I ALWAYS need to wee before I go into the dentist! Nerves! That really is OTT.

  5. We have the same thing here at various places, namely the dentist and optometrist. I always have to strain to understand what is being said as well and I shudder to think how my poor hard of hearing hubby can understand. I hope you manage to destress before your next visit.

    God bless.

  6. Tension aches are horrible but they do seem to disappear quickly - mine do anyway. I have exactly the same problem with masks and hearing and always ask for people to lower their mask. Everyone does now but during lockdown some wouldn't and some were reluctant and needed me to muster 'disability issues'/'reasonable adjustment' in their direction.
    To be fair though, my dentist is very good and lowering his mask to explain things to me. He has a hearing issue himself so understands.

    Hoping you feel bright and breezy again soon - you must be glad that bit is done anyway.


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