Wednesday, 2 November 2022

Jamie Oliver, and the 'C' word

 Did anyone watch the Jamie Oliver £1 Wonders cookery programme on Channel 4 a couple of nights ago?  It was a one-off I think, not a series.  I've always liked JO but find his loud cheery laddishness a bit wearing - I mean, he must be nearly 50 now.  He also uses some odd words to describe his meals, repeating them over and over till it gets boring, frankly - e.g., several times he said the things he'd made were 'joyful' - I do quite like cooking, although not so much nowadays, it's more of a necessary chore now, but I certainly wouldn't describe a dish as joyful.  And he kept saying the finished dishes were 'optimistic' - eh?

Despite all that, I did like the look of several of his dishes, he had some good ideas.  I don't think they're quite as cheap as he makes out, and some of the herbs and spices he used he didn't include in the costings, assuming that we'd all have them in our larders.  Well, not everybody will, people on the breadline are unlikely to have well stocked cupboards.  And someone who is a millionaire is going to find it difficult to really understand what normal people are going through nowadays (Rishi Sunak, e.g.!!  As a multi millionaire, I mean, not a normal person!).  BUT.....Jamie is enthusiastic, doesn't talk down to people and he does really try to help, he has good intentions.

Anyway, he made a dish he called Scruffy Veg Lasagne - basically a really quick and easy way of making a veggie lasagne with all the elements of it cooked in the same pan, a shallow wide one.  The dried lasagne sheets he simply broke into large pieces and added them to the veggie sauce, stirring them around and simmering on the hob until they'd softened.  He then liberally sprinkled the top with coarsely cut breadcrumbs (a couple of slices of bread he chopped up) and grated cheese and finished it off in the oven - which he was at great pains to say he'd already got on to cook another dish, a chicken & veg traybake I think.  The idea was you could eat the chicken traybake that day and either freeze or fridge the lasagne, to be portioned up and reheated in the microwave on subsequent days.

I made the lasagne yesterday, I adapted it a bit to use ingredients I had in substitution for things I didn't have.  It was nice, husband enjoyed it as well.  The only thing I would say is that I thought the lasagne sheets, albeit broken up, were just a bit of a gimmick....I will definitely make it again, but will use normal pasta shapes next time.

All the recipes are on his website, or I guess the programme will be on catch-up TV and I assume there will be links to it on the Channel 4 website.

Rambler - yes husband drives me mad, no of course he didn't clean up properly and yes I redid it!

Brenda - yes I do read Weaver's blog and, like you and so many others, am worried that she hasn't posted anything for over a week.  I hope we find out soon.

Now it's November, is anyone feeling Christmassy?  I'm not.....having bought a tree (an artificial one) for the first time ever last year and put up quite a few decorations, this year I won't be bothering - I'm just not feeling it.  At all.  I don't know what husband wants for his Christmas lunch, haven't yet asked won't be turkey though, he might prefer beef I should think.  No idea what I shall have - frankly, cheese on toast would do me!  (I actually love cheese on toast).  I'm going to do an online shop to be delivered the week before Christmas, there's no way I'm battling the hordes in the supermarket, I'll get it done in the next day or 2 before slots get taken.  I can't really think that far in advance what I'll need, but if I just order staples that we generally have, then I can always add to it nearer the time.


  1. Thanks…I was waiting for someone to reprimand those of us continuing to comment…yes…someone did…don’t know who he is…really…I invest my time and thoughts in reading very special blogs…just a few…I invest my caring in those people…she is one…I have lost several good friends and family in the last two years…one this week…I care about her…I don’t care what he wrote…there I said it…thank you for always being so great about telling us when you are taking a break. I feel she would too as she is darling also. Hope she is ok…as to your husband, Lordy knows we can’t change people…lol

  2. I agree, Jamie's "laddish" style of presenting can get a bit tedious. Still, he does seem to care about helping people cook and eat well. As for Christmas, it's way too early for me to think about! Maybe in December, I'll start to make a few plans. I, too am worried about Weaver. Brenda, I read the comments on her blog. There are always some a***holes who think they know better than everyone else. Just hoping she's OK isn't prying, it's caring. xx

  3. I'm not feeling very Christmassy either, probably because I don't get out to see the Christmas displays, the shops and the lights, etc. When shopping is done online, there's no festive spirit to soak in, is there?
    Although my son, who lives and works abroad, is due to join me on Christmas day and stay for a few days more before returning to Turkey(his home) or Iraq (his work). I am looking forward to that and will put up a tree and a few decorations.
    Yes, I'm a long time reader of Weaver's blog and am very worried that we haven't heard from her, but I'm guessing that no-one knows about her blog or her many readers, or indeed how to get into her computer in order to notify us about her status. It's getting more and more likely that we have lost her - such an awful shame and so very sad.

  4. I just can't believe how quickly Christmas is coming. Not enough time in the day to get everything completed but I am going to make a good try.

    I have tried to figure out what JO does that bothers me and your "laddishness" is exactly the right word.

    God bless.

  5. Jamie is very bouncy and over enthusiastic but that is his USP I guess, he's always been that way, in fact back in the days of The Naked Chef he was even more bouncy ... hard to imagine!! I just use his recipes as jumping off points, like you did and watch his shows to get ideas. I do think for all his millions he is still a wonderful family man and truly has his heart in the right place, especially while his wife has been so poorly. It was nice to see her briefly in the series that has just finished.

    I'm looking forward to a nice quiet Christmas this year and Alan has just offered to cook me Christmas dinner ... so there's a first!!


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