Wednesday 16 November 2022

First step of the moving planning

 Husband actually got on and sorted out his clothes yesterday, without any prompting.  He's filled 2 bin bags - one for the charity shop, and the other full of ancient, tatty, worn out stuff for the tip.  He also did some vacuuming, again without being prodded (only the lounge, but still).

In view of the fact that if and when we do move house, we'll be downsizing from a 3 bedroom house to (hopefully) a 2 bedroom bungalow, we will need to get rid of some of our furniture and belongings.  Husband, weirdly, said we'll have to put the excess in storage.......I don't think he'd thought it through, if we can't fit the stuff into a smaller place, then why would we need to keep it?  And pay for storage costs!  He did agree though when I said we should get rid of the stuff we don't need, not store it indefinitely at probably some extortionate cost.  So starting from today, we will be going through all rooms and thinning stuff out - donating some things and possibly selling others.  I think we'll be making lots of trips to the tip over the next few weeks, especially for all the junk husband's got in his garage and 2 sheds.  A good declutter and minimising our possessions is just what we need, I think - we should take tips from Sue of A Smaller and Simpler Life!  It'll certainly give us plenty to do over the winter, when we can't get outside and whilst we can't go to the caravan.

I think we'll start the sort out in the single bedroom aka my craft room and general dumping ground - it's certainly overdue a good clear out.  And once cleared of clutter, it might encourage me to get on and make this year's Christmas cards, I've only done 2 so far.  I'm going to open another savings account which will be for moving expenses - we'll try selling excess furniture, crockery, bedding, etc, on the local online selling pages and any money we make can be put into that account.  We've always done our own removals when moving house before, husband has hired a 7.5 ton lorry and we've moved with the help of friends and family.  In view of our ages and health issues now though, we'll have to get a removal firm in to do it.

Husband had a phone call yesterday to say he's having a pre-op assessment by phone on Thursday, prior to going to hospital for his angiogram.  So it looks like the op will be happening sooner than the possibly 3 months we were told by his cardiologist last week.


  1. What a good idea. No point in paying to move stuff you don't need/want from one place to another. And starting now will mean, when you do get to move (soon I hope) it'll be so much easier. There is something good about decluttering, too. Makes you feel lighter, somehow. Fingers crossed for a good result from your husband's angiogram. xx

  2. All good news then. Well done, Sooze, what you said obviously impacted. Fingers crossed that it lasts now. xx

  3. All good to read Sooze. My HG will not part with anything and he would say something about storage too! Certainly better to start doing it now ( says she, with a full to bursting craftroom of stuff!)

  4. When you get stuck on whether to keep something or not (as, sadly, you invariably will) ask yourself "Dog forbid I lost everything in a fire, is this something I will replace".
    Amazing how quickly you can fill a charity bag with that mindset! 😜
    Good luck.

  5. I've never understood the mindset of having things in long term storage and paying as you say 'exorbitant rents' for THINGS to live in a warm secure environment, and some people do it for years. I don't even have things in cupboards now that are not in regular use. It's very uplifting to be getting to the end of my ongoing decluttering extravaganza.

    I have even started having a quick look around for things to add to the wheelie bin on collection day ... once they take it away it's gone forever.

  6. I think its a man thing - they hate having to have a clearout and heaven forbid get rid of anything. When we moved 4 years ago we had a lot of stuff as we had been in our then home for 13 years had 4 Daughters and various sheds. First thing Husband said was "we need to get a storage unit". He wanted to just cart everything over there and worry about sorting through it all some time in the future but I got my way and we went through everything before we moved. Lots went to the charity shop, the tip, and some was burnt and then once we had moved in here a load more went to the charity shop. Very satisfying.

  7. I agree with a lot of the comments above, why on earth put stuff into paid storage when you know it will never fit into a smaller house/bungalow. G hates to part with anything and I always have to prod him into disposing of useless stuff. He would even keep broken electrical items if I let him. I just pick my moment and bin stuff just before collection day. He's the same with clothes. He would happily wear the same stuff every single day, despite having new stuff in the wardrobe. I grab his clothes off the floor when he's in the shower and put them in the washer!
    Well done you for being so organised, Sooze, I had a bit of a tidying session on Saturday when G was at work and actually made some space in his wardrobe. It was inordinately satisfying! ;)
    Good luck with your housing application x

  8. Right now, I am trying to use up as much of my crafting supplies (fabric and yarn) as possible. I have taken a few of my clothes to donate as I try them on, and they no longer fit properly. If they are too old, they are cut into rags, or the usable parts cut into fabric that I can use in quilts.

    It is a great idea to slim things down a bit before a move.

    God bless.

  9. Your husband better not sit to long you might get rid of him (just kidding).


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