Monday 28 November 2022

Frazzled brain and sleepless nights coming up

 The mornings are when I have most energy, so I try to get as much as possible done then.  This morning I got the washing out on the line first thing, then made the chicken meatloaf and prepped all the veggies for our one-day-late Sunday dinner.  I did double quantities of all the veggies, so the excess only needs reheating for another day, along with some of the meatloaf.  There's enough of the meatloaf to have reheated for another dinner, plus enough to have cold for sandwiches a couple of days this week.  We then got the Christmas tree out of the box, all the branches spread out, the lights checked and the tree put in position.  I'd bought a new tree, the one I got last year was a bit too small and, after a bit of searching around indoors and in his garage, husband remembered we'd actually given it to a charity shop after last Christmas.  I'm not decorating it until next Sunday, the 4th - that was my Aunt Sylvia's birthday so I'm decorating the tree every December on that date, in her memory.

I gave husband a couple of small jobs to do, which he did.....the trouble is though, everything I ask him to do he can't seem to do by himself without asking me a dozen questions, so I have to waste time explaining to him where things go, how I want the job done, which way up, how things fit, etc etc.  Which is why in the past I've always just done it all myself, it's easier and quicker!  But I can't do everything myself now, so he's got to help whether he (or I!!) like it or not.

We had a series of appointment letters in the post and a phone call today, they all came at once for the same couple of days......typical.  Husband now has appointments for an echocardiogram, and a urinary flow test (for his prostate problems), both Tuesday of next week, one in the morning and one after lunch.  Both in Taunton but in different places, he should if everything goes according to plan be able to do both.  I had an appointment for my diabetes review come in, for Friday of next week.  However, husband also had a phone call this afternoon to say the hospital have a cancellation appointment for him to have his angiogram.....also Friday next week.  So I'll have to rearrange my diabetes review, which is fine.

And on top of that, the Attendance Allowance forms also arrived in the post today, which was quick.  I've had a brief look, it's another 30-page form, just having a quick glance through it gave me a headache, I'm so glad the Age UK advisor said she'd come and help, I'd dread having to do it by myself.

Whilst I'm glad everything is happening quickly, and before Christmas, the sheer logistics of having to organise everything and all in a short space of time will leave me frazzled, and give me a few more sleepless nights before then, I can feel the stress building already.  Neighbour J has said she'll take husband to hospital, but I might need to arrange for someone to pick him up later.  I'll have to do the dog walking too, husband won't be able to for the week following his angiogram as he won't be able to hold Betty's lead (the angiogram is done via an incision in his wrist) - the last time he had it done his arm was heavily bruised and sore for a week.  I hope my hips are ok for then, as it'll be difficult to hold the lead and a walking stick.  Betty's a strong dog, she's fine on the lead until she sees something, a pheasant or rabbit eg, when she wants to be off chasing it.  

Luckily, there's only one thing on the calendar for the week after husband's angiogram (when he'll be unable to drive for a week)'s a Christmas fair I was hoping to go to.  It's possible though that I might be able to cadge a lift with a neighbour, who I am sure will also want to go to it.  Oh, and I also need a haircut!!


  1. It never rains, but it pours! Looking on the bright(?) side, at least you'll have everything out of the way for Christmas, and you can sit back and relax. I've never had dogs, so don't know what I'm talking about, but could you let Betty chase round the garden, if you sat and threw a ball for her. Even if you did that to replace just a couple of walks, it wouldn't be such a strain on your hips. I'm probably way off the mark, but thought I'd put it out there! I'm glad you've got someone to help you fill in the Attendance Allowance form. It is a bit of a beast isn't it? xx

  2. It always seems like appointments end up in one big bunch. Hopefully all will go well.

    Be careful when walking Betty. Perhaps just a walk around the yard where a fall is less likely to happen.

    God bless.

  3. . . . and breathe . . . (as they say) That's quite a heavy schedule but, like the elephant in the room, once thing at a time.

    I'm very glad you are getting help filling in that form. I used to do the school's information for parents seeking carer's allowance and, phew, it was ridiculously long winded, designed to put one off applying, perhaps.

    I wonder if Him Out's questioning is a subconscious attempt to get out of it, because, as you say, it's easier to do it yourself. Not deliberate, just subconscious.

    Good luck with the coming weeks. xx

  4. Just an idea, but do you have any professional dog walkers in your village, we have lots in our small town and for a quite reasonable fee they walk dogs either regularly or for one off periods of time. Obviously, they are used to all types of dogs and usually insured too. If not anyone like that, could you advertise on your local Facebook group for someone to walk Betty once a day for a couple of weeks. There are lots of people who love walking dogs but cannot have one themselves for whatever reason. Worth a shot surely.

  5. Oh, and I meant to add ... I bet meatloaf tastes great as a pie or pasty filling, I know that nutloaf does!!


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