Monday 14 November 2022

This and that

 It's a grey dismal day, misty and the temperature has dropped.  Well, it is November after all.  Not looking hopeful for getting washing on the line this week.

I've decided to hold off submitting the housing application forms until after I've seen the Age UK advisor next week - one more week isn't going to make any difference, and they might have some ideas for how best to answer some of the questions.

I've got my annual diabetes review tests tomorrow morning, I'm expecting everything to be ok as usual.  I should think they'll be pleased that my weight has gone down a bit.

I went into my spam email folder yesterday, I was expecting an email which hadn't shown up in my inbox so thought it might have gone into spam (it had).  My spam folder is set up to automatically delete emails after a month, I do occasionally check it to see if there are any emails that aren't actually spam, sometimes there are the odd 1 or 2.  But I was astonished to see loads of emails (must have been nearly 100) purporting to be from Joe Biden or Kamala Harris or a few other American politicians - all, according to the subject line (I didn't read any of the emails) either asking for a donation or my vote.  Now, I don't suppose for one minute that these emails were all genuinely from these politicians - especially the ones asking for money, most likely scams.  But since I'm not American and don't live in the USA, it beats me why I've even had all these emails.  Who is sending them, and what do they hope to gain from them, when I'm not an American citizen?

I'm undecided as to whether I'll be putting up the tree or any decorations this year - husband couldn't care two hoots (he's a right Grinch when it comes to Christmas) and I'm not really feeling it right now.  I've always been a bit ambivalent about Christmas anyway - my beloved Nanna died on Boxing Day many years ago, and of course my lovely Mum died on Christmas Eve 3 years ago, so it's a bit of a sad time for me.  I don't know, I'll just go with the flow and see how I feel later on.

That's it really, nothing else to say, nothing going on and I'm feeling quite flat at the moment.


  1. I love Christmas, so tree is always up, I was reading comments about our decorations, and it was suggested in these dark months the glitter from Christmas lifts us, we already know this, but a study shows that it helps people with depression as well, it takes the days from ordinary to a bit special. You did enjoy having them out last year. My hubby too would not decorate for Christmas, it's a man thing.

  2. Perhaps putting up just a few things - not necessarily a big tree - might help to lift your spirits a bit? It must be a very bitter=sweet time for you right now. Much love. xx

  3. I wonder whether it has anything to do with your American readers' systems. Not that they are to blame in any way but these nasty scammers have ways and means of gathering contact details and I would think Blogger reaches masses of people and would be a rich source of contact information.

  4. I am feeling a bit 'down' too, with several health problems (the joys of getting older!) and the impossibility of contacting a doctor. Call the surgery and get the message - 'You are caller number 22 . . ' which would use up all my credit on my mobile by the time I was answered. Tried the website, which then takes me through page after page until the final one which gives the phone number for the surgery . . . Useless.
    My diabetic check is next week - a telephone appointment. I despair! But I will put up a tree and buy some new lights for Christmas to give a bit of cheer.

  5. I get odd messages in spam folder too- foreign countries so I think it's a systems thing, linking behind all the various platforms that might have an email. I will be more subdued with Christmas decorations since my daughter's gone, and we have older Daughter's puppy here so much. But, I agree some lights, some change is worth the effort.

  6. I can totally relate…prayers

  7. A good idea to wait until you've seen the Age UK advisor. They might have a few tips and tricks to pass on. How strange about the emails. Unfortunately, some people will reply to them. I, too, am ambivalent about Christmas, but always find I enjoy the tree with its lights and baubles. Mind you, I'm always glad to take them down again, shortly after Christmas day! xx

  8. There are so many spam emails at the moment, but at least the African Prince has stopped writing to me these days ;-)

    A good idea to wait to fill in the housing forms until after you have been to Age UK, take the forms with you when you go.

    How about just having some sparkly lights dotted around the place for Christmas, they always bring a smile to my face and the battery-operated ones don't cost that much to have lit for a few hours each night.

  9. I/d put your tree up, it might be the last time in this house!

  10. Perhaps a few decorations that remind you of your Mom and Nana might be nice to have out.

    I get those emails every once in a while, as well.

    God bless.


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